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External economy opens area environment to administer provisional regulation
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External economy opens area environment to administer provisional regulation

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The first to strengthen external the environmental government that economy opens an area, pollution of environment of prevention and cure and zoology are destroyed, protect
Barrier human body is healthy, protect and create favorable investment climate, stimulative economy and society develop, make this provision especially.
This the 2nd regulation is weighed external economy opens an area, it is coastal and the special economic zone that shows the country is approved, open city
City and coastal economy open an area. Be in external all units that economy opens an area to undertake production, management activity and individual,
Must abide by this regulation.
The 3rd external the various people government that economy opens an area, must hold to " precaution is given priority to, prevention and cure is united in wedlock "
guiding principle, integrated punish of beaded finish condition works. Ought to plan the economy that environmental protection brings into our region and social development
, make clear the target of environmental protection, task and measure, organize carry out.
The 4th external economy opens an area to undertake construction of new developed area must make an environment affect an evaluation, comprehensive program, close
Manage layout. Each concern a branch to must undertake strictly building according to the requirement of program and layout. External economy opens an area to show
Some unreasonable position, ought to combine a city to transform, industry is adjusted try to solve stage by stage. In life living division, fountainhead
Groove guard, health resort, natural groove guard, the scenery visits area, famous places and historical sites and other need the area of special protection,
Must not build the project that pollutes an environment; Already built, want within a definite time processing, adjust or remove.
The 5th administer external government of people of the province that economy opens an area, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government, qualitative to national environment
Measure the project that did not set in the standard, can establish local complement standard; To carrying out a country pollutant discharge standard cannot be protected
Card achieves quality of our region environment to ask, the local contaminant that can establish pollutant discharge standard of Home Yan Yuguo is discharged
Standard, branch of newspaper country environmental protection puts on record. According to before the local pollutant discharge standard that section provision establishs, seat
enterprise, institution must be carried out.
The 6th external economy opens an area to introduce technology and device from abroad, must accord with free from contamination or little pollution
Requirement, to producing pollution, home cannot form a complete set solves, ought to introduce corresponding environmental protection establishment at the same time. One
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