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Constitution of Chinese-foreign joint venture (add English)
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General principles of the first chapter
Tenet of the 2nd chapter, scope of operations
Amount of investment of the 3rd chapter and register capital
Board of directors of the 4th chapter
The 5th chapter management orgnaization
Accountant of finance affairs of the 6th chapter
Profit of the 7th chapter allocates
Worker of the 8th chapter
Labour union of the 9th chapter is organized
Deadline of the 10th chapter, stop, liquidation
System of eleventh chapter regulations
Dozenth Zhang Kuo uses law
Thirteenth chapter supplementary articles

General principles of the first chapter

The first basis " law of Chinese-foreign joint venture of People's Republic of China " , with Chinese × company (Party A of the following abbreviation) with company of × of × of × country × ) joint venture contract, special section of this jointly owned corporation mixes formulate.
Name of Chinese of company of the 2nd jointly owned is: × × limited company
English name is:
Abbreviate is:
The legal address of jointly owned company is:
The name of both sides of the 3rd armour, second, legal address is:
Party A: Chinese × company, its are legal the address is
Party B: Company of × of × of × country × , its are legal the address is
The constituent form of company of the 4th jointly owned is finite liability company. Armour Party B only with active or the knows capture severally contributive specified amount that this constitution that revises in the future sets is right jointly owned company assumes responsibility. Below afore-mentioned premise, the contributive specified number that just knows capture by its each shares profit and cent to take risk in the scale in registering capital reach deficit.
Company of the 5th jointly owned is Chinese legal person, law of the national law in sufferring is mixed administer protection, cut an activity to abide by Chinese law, law and concerned orders provision surely firstly.

Tenet of the 2nd chapter, scope of operations

The purpose of joint venture of the 6th armour, Party B is: Act on the desire that strengthens economic collaboration and technical communication, colour is advanced and applicable technology and scientific management method, improve product quality, hair civilian new product, provide those who the international market goes up to dispute ability unexpectedly in the respect such as quality, price, raise economic benefits, make investment just acquires satisfactory economic interest each. (note: Want to mention expressly according to particular case in constitution. )
Scope of operations of company of the 7th jointly owned is:
Scale of production of company of the 8th jointly owned is:
Company of the 9th jointly owned to home, outside market proper motion sells its product, begin concerned other service. Jointly owned company sells outlet and obtain foreign currency income to be put in first place, in order to assure the success of jointly owned company and development.
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