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The agreement that order
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This Subscription Agreement (the "Agreement") Is Between Lawspirit, inc. ("Lawspirit") And Any Purchaser Or User ("Customer") OfLawspirit Products And Services That Accepts The Terms Of ThisAgreement (" Customer " ) . | | This " the agreement that order " (the following abbreviation this " agreement " ) by Lawspirit, inc. (the following abbreviation " Lawspirit.com " ) and agree to accept this " agreement " of the clause " Lawspirit.com company " the product reachs the buyer of the service or use a person (the following abbreviation " user " ) sign.
PLEASE READ THIS AGREEMENT CAREFULLY BEFOREPURCHASING OR USING LAWSPIRIT PRODUCTS ANDSERVICES. BY USING OR PURCHASING LAWSPIRITPRODUCTS OR SERVICES, CUSTOMER SIGNIFIES ITSASSENT TO THIS AGREEMENT. IF YOU ARE ACTING ONBEHALF OF AN ENTITY, THEN YOU REPRESENT THATYOU HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO ENTER INTO THISAGREEMENT ON BEHALF OF THAT ENTITY. IFCUSTOMER DOES NOT ACCEPT THE TERMS OF THISAGREEMENT, THEN IT MUST NOT USE OR PURCHASE REDHAT PRODUCTS AND SERVICES. | | Be being bought or use " Lawspirit.com " before product and service, read chrestomathy carefully first please " agreement " . "User " once use or buy " Lawspirit.com " product or service, express namely " user " agree this " agreement " clause. If Your Exllency department represents some orgnaization act, state Your Exllency has authority to be signed on behalf of this orgnaization this " agreement " . Be like " user " do not accept this " agreement " clause, be not used please or buy " Lawspirit.com company " product and service.

The Effective Date Of This Agreement Is The Earlier Of The Date ThatCustomer Accepts This Agreement Or The Date That Customer UsesLawspirit's Products Or Services. | | This " agreement " " become effective day " for " user " accept this " agreement " day, or " user " use " Lawspirit.com " the day of product or service (the day with happening earlier among them is accurate) .

I. Terms And Conditions one, clause and conditional A. GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONSThe Term " Services " As Used In This Agreement Means, collectively, the Support Services Provided Under The Purchased Subscription Anddefined Herein, RHN Services As Defined Herein, and Any LearningServices Purchased Under This Agreement And Defined Herein. Theterm "Software" Means The Family Of Software Products Purchasedunder This Agreement And Defined Herein, if Any. The Term " Installed Systems " Means The Number Of Systems On WhichCustomer Installs The Software. The Term "System" Means Anyhardware On Which The Software Is Installed, which May Be, withoutlimitation, a Server, a Work Station, a Virtual Machine, a Blade, apartition Or An Engine, as Applicable. The Initial Number Of InstalledSystems Is The Number Of Copies Of The Software That Customerpurchases. | | (One) general provision and condition this " agreement " be weighed " service " the department points to what offer inside the limits that order this " agreement " of the regulation " support serves " , " RHN serves " , and basis this " agreement " buy this " agreement " of the regulation any " study serves " . "Software " the department points to by this " agreement " buy this " agreement " formulary software kind product. "Already installed a system " the department points to " user " all sorts of systems of software. "System " the department points to of " software " any hardware, include but not stage of server of be confined to, workstation, fictitious machine, machine piece, disjunctive board or engine (inspect particular case and decide) . "Already installed a system " first measure is " user " buy " software " portion number.
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