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Information development Inc. is confidential agreement
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Party A: XX information develops Inc.
Party B:
In view of:
Jia Yishuang just is having a talk or cooperate, need obtains the relevant business of the other side and technical data, for this, jia Yishuang just acts on the principle of mutually beneficial mutual benefit, joint development, classics is friendly talk things over sign this agreement.
The definition of the first confidential data
Any one party exposure in armour second both sides tag clearly to the other side or demonstrate is " confidential data " of relevant business and technical respect written or the data of other form and information (abbreviation: Confidential data) , but do not include undermentioned data and information:
1, already or will announce at numerous data, but do not include armour second both sides or its representing disobeys this consultative provision to be announced without accredit place;
2, the blame that already was this know before any one direction accepts square exposure is confidential sexual data;
3, the blame that any one party offer is confidential data, accept the person that just do not know this data to offer before publishing these materials (tripartite) the blame that has laid with this agreement keeps secret the data is offerred just had concluded the confidential agreement that has sanction, and accept square rational to was not prohibited by the person that think the data is announced to accept just provide this data.
The 2nd bilateral responsibility
(one) Jia Yishuang square each other is confidential data offer just mix accept square, have confidential obligation, assume confidential responsibility.
(2) any one party in Jiayi both sides without the other side written agree to be not gotten to tripartite (include journalism public figure) make public and disclose any confidential data or use confidential data with other way. Both sides also must make respective delegate not to tripartite (include journalism public figure) make public or disclose any confidential data or use confidential data with other means. Unless announce, make public or using confidential data is both sides be engaged in or begin cooperative project job to be in the obligation that normally the agree below the circumstance carries (the obligation that includes both sides to will depend on law or contract agree to carry henceforth) proper place needs.
(3) inside the limits of the bears the blame severally delegate that because the agreement sets a goal and need to contact confidential data originally,rigid limitation is in the osculatory range that both sides all needs a confidential data;
(4) eliminate a course bilateral and written agree and necessary outside undertaking announcing, any one party are not gotten will contain opposite party or duplicate or offer another person innocently of purpose;
(5) if cooperate project no longer proceed or just quit this project because of reason among them, classics the other side raises written requirement in any moment, other one party ought to, should make its representing be in 5 (5) workaday sale in domestic market is destroyed or return to the other side return what its have or all and confidential data and all file that include or reflected confidential data mix pilot. But fall in the requirement that does not violate this consultative other provision, both sides can be this agreement only the 4th purpose, those who withhold afore-mentioned files or data is duplicate;
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