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Contract of international goods business (Chinese and English contrast)
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One, delivery clause
1 . Lading condition:
Terms Of Shipment;
Off shore increases freight price provision: The bargainor should be in this contract (9) inside formulary time, by lading port goods direct boat carry goes to China port, before without be being asked for buyer agrees, midway does not get change to another ship. Goods must not use pensile buyer to cannot accept the ship of national banner to ship.
For CFR Terms: The Sellers Shall Ship The Goods Within The Time As Stipulated In Clause (9) Of This Contract By A Direct Vessel Sailing From The Port Of Loading To China Port. Transhipment Enroute Is Not Allowed Without The Buyers' Consent.The Goods Should Not Be Carried By Vessels Flying Of The Countries Not Acceptable To The Buyers.
FOB clause:
For FOB Terms:
(The ship of goods of A) shipping this contract, carry company of procuratorial China chartering by buyer or buyer (address: 2 lis of Beijing, channel. Cable address: ZHOUGZU PEKING) leases calm shipping space. Sell put should be in charge of ordering goods place content is in this contract (9) the ship that any date mount buyer that buyer place announcement presses inside lading deadline of the regulation appoint.
The Shipping Space For The Contracted Goods Shall Be Booked By The Buyers Or The Buyers'shipping Agent, china National Chartering Corporation (Address: Er LiGou Beijing Cable Address:ZHOUGZU PEKING).The Sellers Shall Undertake To Load The Contracted Goods On Board The Vessel Nominated By The Buyers On Any Date Notified By The Buyers, within The Time Of Shipment Stipulated In The Clause (9) Of This Contract.
(Before B) goods ships 10, 15 days, buyer should cable name of bargainor contract mark, ship, ship to predict the name of harbor date, shipping amount and boat carry agent, so that the bargainor can carry with this boat,procuratorial connection reachs those who arrange goods to ship. The bargainor should reach connection times to tell the buying party as a result, if buyer needs to change a ship or be concerned because of reason,the ship shifts to an earlier date or remit to amounts to circumstance happening, buyer or boat carry agent should notify a selling party in time. The bargainor also answers with in hire a representative to maintain close tie.
10, 15 Days Prior To The Date Of Shipment, the Buyers Shall Inform The Sellers By Cable If The Contract Number, name Of Vessel, ETA Of Vessel, quantity To Be Loaded And The Name Of Shipping Agent, so As To Enable The Latter To Contact The Shipping Agent Directly And Arrange The Shipment Of The Goods. The Sellers Shall Cable In Time The Buyers Of The Result Thereof. Should, for Certain Reasons, it Become Necessary For The Buyers To Replace The Named Vessel With Another One, or Should The Named Vessel Arrive At The Port Of Shipment Earlier Or Later Than The Date Of Arrival As Previously Notified To The Sellers, the Buyers Or Their Shipping Agent Shall Advise The Sellers To This Effect In Due Time. The Sellers Shall Also Keep Close Contact With The Agent Of Zhougzu.
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