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Zhu Tong, Zhang Jianmin: On diplomatic arena " Jin Tongyu female "
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Chinese diplomacy bound the 5th " acting " the Ma Xuesong of nothing is more... than in English dragoman (before room of interpreter of Ministry of Foreign Affairs grooms grow everywhere) , Jiang Jiang (before English of room of interpreter of Ministry of Foreign Affairs grows everywhere) with. Come nearly 10 years, ma Xuesong, Jiang Jiang time and again visit of leader of be accompanying state, it is important to enter a lot of fields international conference, hold the position of a high level leader and call in national head of state, summit the English interpreter that interview. Arrive from 559 time seventies end, famous diplomat hopes to ever held the position of Mao Zedong, Zhou En to come toward casting, the 20 one's remaining years of interpreter of the revolutionist of older generation proletariat such as Liu Shaoji, Deng Xiaoping. Regard the 6th Ren Ying language that deceased premier Zhou En comes to as dragoman, a very short time of follow of casting of face of look forward to is as long as 17 years! Ma Xuesong is group of work of interpret of diplomacy of new period China undoubtedly " Ji Chaozhu " . Arrive from 1988 1996, he one person leads interpret world alone coquettish about the same 10 years
long, come nearly 20 years group of diplomatic interpret work matchless! Tightening what then Ma Xuesong, Jiang Jiang plays the leading role was 1996, was in the Hangzhou that session of National People's Congress holds Foreign Minister news conference concurrently to hold the position of an interpreter for Vice Prime Minister Qian Jichen two years continuously 1997 groups of small Zhang Jianmin and just be new. 

"Jin Tong " Hangzhou fishing other people

The Zhang Jianmin that the teenager has keep in mind eventually the latercomers surpass the formers, had received that from classmaster hand he longs for day and night, thick English-Chinese Longman dictionary. 

Cheesy and brilliant Zhang Jianmin was born in bridge of Chen of arch of Hangzhou city north 1970 other people of an ordinary common people, parents is Hangzhou the worker of textile mills of the first cotton. Zhang Jianmin grandfather and outside ancestor it is Hangzhou canal edge go up " fishing fellow " , feeling a fish to catch shrimp is common only " cole dishful " , seize turtle (soft-shelled turtle) quite famous gas, actually is an ace.

Zhang Jianmin the English of that one fluent tunnel is to be in at first make Hangzhou person of the first cornerstone. When beginning, zhang Jianmin's achievement is not outstanding. Because of family circumstances poor, he cans not afford dictionary of English of a prevailing even. A teacher in charge of a class of junior high school that know person of outstanding ability and teachs is in of new term " administration " one declared to have quite in the speech new idea and " allure " promotive policy: The achievement on this semester class is best with progress the fastest student will be in period end bear the palm. Allow a teacher in charge of a class also only then what place did not expect is, his this one act gave teenager Zhang Jianmin so big drive and power actually. When semester ends, zhang Jianmin became the student with the rapiddest progress on the class. Young a teacher in charge of a class as expected faithful, floating the Zhang Jianmin of glow had received that thick English-Chinese that he longs for day and night from the hand of classmaster on the face Longman dictionary. 1986, zhejiang TV station is held " beautiful knowledge " contest, zhang Jianmin organizes a classmate to take part in the match by oneself. This contest exposes to the sun those who go out is the biggest " an unexpected winner " it is the student that Zhang Jianmin leads parts conquer team of teacher of Xiao Shan city and Zhejiang university graduate student and " be the champion " . That years 3 tall, success goes kind
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