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Much language " big fight " the press conference became tired the interpreter be
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The press conference spot after final of ping-pong men's doubles a disorder, more dramatic than be being had more in previous and intense competition one act appeared here.

Marlene of player of champion gainer China and old Wang Ji (sound open together) appear very low-key, they are attributed to their achievement to the utmost partner and coach, catch even if silent. Their word also is translated into English at the same time. Be turn for the silver medal winner that comes from Hong Kong then. Media of original Hong Kong hopes Li Jing tells Cantonese, and the interpreter of the spot knows mandarin only. Ground of Li Jing in spirits told 5 minutes fully. Also can hear his very happy laughter occasionally, apparently he is given to be intoxicated by his jest, of course this also wins come an applause of back row. Nevertheless this applause comes not easily really, expended setbacks big time one. The partner Gao Lize that is him first turns Cantonese into mandarin, next full-time interpreter becomes its interpreter English, then Greek interpreter gives out personal version again.

After this answers a question to Hong Kong combination, li Jing is inclined rely on buy of v/arc be on the throne to go up, look to the bronze medal player that takes by, use the English say that contains dense accent Dan Shangneng to let a person understand next: "To you, boy! "Then Danish begin to tell remove English to come. At this moment, a German reporter stands up suddenly to refuse and go, "Enough, the language is too miscellaneous. The language is too miscellaneous..

Like the European cup of not long ago, the athlete that the Olympic Games will come from different country and culture, reporter, politician people gathered one case. General they can hear talk of the other side seriously rarely, even if listened seriously, should make very accurate communication almost impossible also. And go up in the Olympic Games, when the inconvenience that this kind of insitute of language causes compares European cup, should get greatly much. Those who appear on Athenian competition ground is the team of 202 countries and area, is not a few.

On the press conference, it is general English commonly. France because do not have,carry interpreter " " to make a yock word. They asked an official of Europe sufficient couplet to become an interpreter, as a result will attendant reporter is done in a dilemma. The coach says the player passes a ball badly is wasteful " of a kind of " , and the thing " that this interpreter understands that word into " to take surplus however. Just of this Italian interpreter carries the meaning that turned over him. Pachadongni says his team what to won't change, and this interpreter tells those audience that do not know Italian he can change team. And Portuguese interpreter appears more afflictive, begin to buzz to his " till the audience " sound becomes impatient rise, he cries very angrily aloud, oneself just can hear to allow authority aloud so.
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