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Ying Yizhong of business affairs contract is easy promiscuous term
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When contract of flower interpret business affairs, because choose,often be the same as undeserved and search send the words fail to express the meaning or the meaning is amphibolous, what convey even sometimes is completely different meaning. Accordingly understanding and master extremely easy the distinction of promiscuous term is very important, it is one of crucial factors that improve flower interpret quality, now commonly used and easy 7 pairs of promiscuous terms, discuss as follows with typical example:

Shipping Advice and Shipping Instructions

Shipping Advice is " shipping advice " , be by exporter (seller) send importer (buyer) . However Shipping Instructions is " shipping notice " , it is importer (buyer) send exporter (seller) . Should notice divisional Vendor additionally (seller) with Vendee (buyer) , consignor (consignor) with Consignee (consignee) . These 3 pairs of afore-mentioned terms are when flower interpret, produce a slip of a pen extremely easily.

Abide By and Comply With

Abide By and Comply With have " abide by " meaning. But when subject be " person " when, flower interpret " abide by " must use Abide By. When subject dispute person, use Comply With.

Exemple 3: Both sides should be abided by / all bilateral activities should abide by contract provision.
Both Parties Shall Abide By/All The Activities Of Both Parties Shall ComplyWith The Contractual Stipulations.

Change A To B and Change A Into B

Flower interpret " A instead B " with Change A To B, flower interpret " become A amount to / change B " with Change A Into B, both cannot promiscuous.

Exemple 4: Instead of date of delivery became dollar amount to the RMB in August.
Both Parties Agree That Change The Time Of Shipment To August And Change US Dollar Into Renminbi.

Ex and Per

The preposition Ex that comes from Latin and Per have the meaning that differs severally. Ship of flower interpret You Mou " carry comes " Ex is used when goods, by some ship " carry away " goods uses Per, and You Mou ship " acceptance of consignment " with By.

Exemple 5: By " Victoria " steamer carry away / carry comes / last batches of goods of acceptance of consignment will arrive at London on October 1.
The Last Batch Per/ex/by S.S. "Victoria" Will Arrive At London On October
(S.S. = Steamship)

In and After

When flower interpret " after how many days " when time, often be to point to " after how many days " a exact day, must use preposition In so, and cannot use After, because preposition After points to, is " after how many days " not exact any day.

Exemple 6: This goods on November 10 by " east wind " annulus carry goes out, lu Tedan harbor is reached after 140 days.
The Good Shall Be Shipped Per M.V. "Dong Feng" On November 10 And Are DueTo Arrive At Rottedaml In 140 Days. (M.V. = Motor Vessel)

On/upon and After

When flower interpret " ... after arriving, ... " when, with preposition On/upon, and need not After, because After expresses " later " time is ambiguous.
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