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The interpret law of Responsible For
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This one phrase can use Responsible For at the person already, can use at content again, in sentence in do attributive, adverbial modifier and predicative normally, means " right... responsible " . For example: He Should Be Responsible For The Accident. (he ought to be in charge of to reason of this be related. ) Responsible For is very common in English of science and technology, be like interpret is made " right... responsible " , can appear very far-fetched sometimes, because this wants,try extend the meaning. Common interpret law has the following 3 kinds:

One, interpret is made " load... "

1.Electric Charges, positive And Negative, which Are Responsible For Electrical Forces, can Wipe One Another Out.
Load electric power negative electric charge can offset each other.

2.Already Responsible For Many Plastics, fibres And Synthetic Rubber, petrochemicals Will Play An Important Role In Tomorrow's Demand For New Things.
The petrochemicals has loaded a job that creates a variety of plastic, man-made fibre and synthetic rubber, in contented future the demand respect to new product will still have main effect.

2, interpret is made " cause " , " it is to cause... reason "

At this moment the meaning that Be Responsible For is equivalent to Bring About.

3.There Are Probably Several Factors Responsible For Water And Salt Retention And Ascites In Hepatic Disease.
The cause that causes retention of water of liver ill patient, salt and ascites may be more than.

4.The Stimuli Believed To Be Responsible For Secretion Are Vagal And Humoral.
Vagus and humoral stimulation are considered as to cause excretive cause.

5.Streprococci And Staphylocci Are Responsible For A Wide Variety Of Infections.
Streptococcic with grape coccus it is the cause that causes all sorts of infection.

3, interpret is made " as a result of... just... "

Be in this kind sentence in, responsible For often makes predicative, the object at the back of preposition For is the noun of behavioral meaning commonly.

6.The Weather Was Responsible For The Plane's Delay.
As a result of weather concern airlines ability behind schedule.

7.The Attachment Of Atoms Of Different Kinds To Each Other Is Responsible For Compounds Having Characteristic Properties Different From Those Of The Elements Of Which They Are Made.
Because not akin atomic is united in wedlock each other, compound just has the character that differs with those elements that constitute this compound.