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As Well As makes the interpret way of paratactic conjunction
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As Well As uses as paratactic conjunction, be very common in English of science and technology. A kind of opinion of universal popularity thinks: "As Well As uses as when paratactic conjunction, those who emphasize is not As WellThe word after As, however the word before it. When be being translated so, normally the word after Ying Xianyi As Well As, next again interpret the word before it. "(" problem of English of science and technology is solved " ) , p. 129) when " is used as paratactic conjunction, although connective is two paratactic parts, but its are in mainly former, be absent latter. Want when Chinese interpret first interpret is latter, again interpret is former. "(" English coachs " )

But, when the author is translating article of English science and technology, discover a lot of circumstances to be not such. Issueing two illustrative sentence of the face for example is from same this book (Santokh S. Basi, semiconductor Pulse And Switching Circuits, john Wiley And Sons, inc. , 1980) the cento in same rule comes down, but the focal point that they emphasize is not same.
Be like: It Is To Be Noted That Thevenin 's Theorem Applies To AC As Well As To DC Circuits.
Want to notice, dai Wenning theorem applies to dc road not only, also apply to alternating current road.

In this word, what author place emphasizes is the part before As Well As. When the interpreter convey this focal point correctly coming out is very necessary. But the author receives go down to say again:

The Above Theorems And Laws Hold True For DC As Well As For AC Circuits.
Afore-mentioned theorem and law not only it is correct the road to dc, to alternating current road character is correct as much.

Apparent, what this word place emphasizes is the part at the back of As Well As fitly. Notable is, the circumstance of facial cent after emphasizing is not individual. These sentences come down from the estreat in the English origianl work that publishs in recent years below:

1.The Term IMPEDANCE Is Applicable Only To AC Circuits. Its Unit Of Measurement Is The Ohm. It Has A Magnitude As Well As Phase Angle. It Is A Complex Quantity.
"This term applies to inductance " only alternating current road, its measure an unit to be ohm. Inductance not only have amplitude, and have photo corner, it is a plural quantity.

2.Note That Ohm's Law Holds True For DC As Well As For AC Circuits. However, when Analyzing AC Circuit, it Is Important To Consider The Magnitude AsWell As The Direction Of Phasor Quantities.
Want to notice, ohm's law applies to dc road not only, to alternating current road as much applicable. Nevertheless, when analytic communication circuit, important is the amplitude that should consider to be measured not only, consider the way that measures even.

3.The Electrical Power Supplied By The Source To The Circuit Is Given By P=VI(watts) . The Equation Is Applicable To A Circuit As Well As To A Component In A Circuit.
The electric power formula of circuit of power source supply is P=VI (watt) . This is formulary not only apply to some circuit, and the either component in applying to circuit.
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