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Translate a few phase that grow
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The first phase: Avowed and perfectness, what dare interpret; Check a dictionary to see the first the meaning of a word only commonly, the Qian word arrange of assume sth as a matter of course sentence; Often see the mistake of others, cannot see the difference that follows others.

The 2nd phase: Can the mistake that differentiate gives him, also can experience the good qualities of others; For individual expressions, can spend on a few minutes to check dictionary, search for a network, seek a help; Never satisfy to oneself interpreter, every time is proofreaded afresh can school give an issue.

The 3rd phase: Have strict interpreter level already, the sense of property that also knows compromise (clear control the measure that can make draft) ; Be happy to accept the proposal of others, also be good at showing the wrong leakage of others.

The 4th phase: Become alone, do a job with skill and ease; Very modest, happy amid.