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Approach free translator
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Collect gentle He Yunjian compiles Jay Keli
As a free translator, often lover of other translator, interpreter or the person with my contact with ask me, how does free translator fend? How can ability become professional translator? How can ability score a success? Etc, also the question that somebody raises such on foreign language forum. Because this my experience oneself and experience are written,come out, offer reader reference.
(one) a day of free translator
I do not time to oneself commonly, but I got up at 8 o'clock in the morning normally, so that the reply comes from the phone of translation firm and client. I am in Jialifuliya, a few clients are in the eastpart part, they often contact important thing in the morning. A few client forgot time difference even, in the morning the left and right sides woke up me at 6 o'clock, call me to give their interpreter the thing. I answer with the phone normally collection machine records those incoming telegrams first, because of that time, my brains does not regain consciousness especially systimatic.
After getting up, next time can have a variety of arrangement, this depends on the time limit that there was the how many workload, job that finish that day. I explain one by one now.
When workload is big, I can be before 9 o'clock before computer the job, till the job is finished, or the requirement that achieves that Nature's engineering to make an amount at least. I receive the length that to the task metropolis statistic issues source document, and cipher out everyday workload, finish Binaduo everyday next a bit.
When the interpreter, come up against the expressions that does not understand, I can write down them alone in one page, lag is checked again. I should be checked to the library around or call sometimes inquiry. Normally I spend 4 many hours to examine dictionary, encyclopedia, almanac, map in the library.
When workload is not big, I still can be finished first that day the job of norm, seek more jobs next, send a letter to give an interpreter the company that is to say, call a client, the most important is to seek new working source.
When having the job to be able to be made, I apply for a job with all one's strength. Unfortunate is, I still have time of the doable that do not have labour. We often say to do this group " either be being maintained dead is hungry shrivelled " . Or is flooded by much work, do not have sunset night ground to work, strive for come to an end before date of expiration, down to suffers from on wrist is in charge of syndrome. Or edge watch is by the side of the phone, bian Qi asks earnestly " the interpreter's Palladium " bestow favours.
Probably the place that you already noticed here is contradictory. When translator has a large number of jobs, they are too busy at promoting oneself. When having labour to be able to be done, promote oneself again late. This shows: Free translator does not forget hour to promote his!
(2) does free translator make a lot of money
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