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Oral interpretation Chinese changes the processing of setting element
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As the record human history reachs the tool of expressive mankind life and thought, language of avery kind of has its far-reaching history setting and culture intention, the interpreter is the mankind undertakes crossing the culture, important step that crosses language communication. Do good translation work, involves aspect is very much, basically have two sides nevertheless, it is to should master good primitive and interpret language these two kinds of languages, 2 it is to must notice the difference on culture is mixed quite. Culture has all in all place in translating practice, mr Wang Zunliang says: "What is the greatest difficulty in the interpreter? Be two kinds of culture is different, in the thing with self-evident within of a kind of culture, waste very great strength to try to explain in within of another kind of culture. "About where is like in interpreter process element of manage culture setting has many writers already only civil discuss, but most a written translation of bureau be confined to, oral interpretation respect is involved rarely. What because written translation and oral interpretation reach a language to apply in working manner,go up is different, the author talks about a few kinds of processing techniques of element of the culture in oral interpretation in the article.

1. Explanation
This is the advantage place of oral interpretation photograph to written translation. Addresser speaks with primitive, to make audience can clear, and if time allows, dragoman can use a few completely, even ten will communicate this word place completely accumulate contained meaning. And to pen translator, this is unlikely.
1. The interpreter of 1 idiom, literary quotation
A lot of idiom, literary quotation accumulate desire is very deep, and implication and literal meaning differ very far, if dragoman is handled bad, make 2 bonze feel audience " a unit of length to be not worn likely brains " , not only the effect that place of person of short of speech should convey, and be just the opposite to what one wished likely.
Usually, below the premise that does not affect understanding, OK to the interpreter of phrasal, literary quotation what its should convey an interpret is main
Meaning, but if audience needs to understand its completely in words condition literal meaning and accumulate implication, have to explain one time. " of " a loss may turn out to be a gain is general and for instance OK interpret becomes "Misfortune May Prove A Blessing In Disguise. " of " a loss may turn out to be a gain is general and for instance OK interpret becomes "Misfortune May Prove A Blessing In Disguise..  of  Yi plaque protects  ignoranting tip to make an appointment with?This Is An Allusion To A Story Popular For More Than 2 of remnant of Bao of Sun of brandish of horsefly ソ miserable Huang rainwatering in puddles, 000 Years In China. It's About An Old Man At The Frontier Who Lost His Horse... "
Of course, still have a kind of better case, the expressive way that answers relatively with primitive can be found in interpret language namely, at this moment, should replace its only can. If " displays his slight skill before an expert " and "to Teach One's Grandmother To Suck Eggs" , "" of tweedledum and tweedledee and "six Of One And Half A Dozen Of The Other" , "" of ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous and "to Paint The Lily" , etc.
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