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Professional killer " sketch
Often a lot of people think to translate a profession to just master a foreign language adroitly just, put in a lot of misunderstanding to translating a profession. University of Shanghai foreign language is advanced interpreter prexy Chai Ming thinks, having a foreign language is the foundation of the interpreter handsome appearance that makes a qualification only, need has certain interpreter skill and quality on this. Chai Mingying is with English exemple, almost each undergraduate has learned English, but not be the interpreter handsome appearance that each undergraduate can have made. "Professional killer " outside mastering a foreign language except adroitness, still need the following primary quality:
■ bilingual foundation hospitality watchs trustily to translate textual or the content of source language. Chai Ming says, when the person that did not train through professional interpreter is being translated, in the content that often translates in the description, joined oneself imagination, included the individual's idea and meaning. But qualified interpreter qualified personnel, must want the speaking intent of faithful teller, so that give auditor accurate judgement information. Chaimingte is not mentioned, although translating the increase that oneself involve in the process, also must the intent teller is objective repeat, must not add him opinion.
■ intellectual face wants wide interpreter is actually " the Eclectics " , need is involved somewhat to each domains, include politics, economy, law to wait. Chai Ming introduces, the meeting in translating a process involves many fields, if know nothing about this, come up against the professional domain foreign language such as professional term to will be translated very hard, to the interpreter the job brings needless trouble. Shanghai external affairs translates Zhou Xiaofeng of central vice director to introduce, translating personnel to need is an a person with high aspirations and determination, enlarge intellectual face ceaselessly in carrying out a process.
■ logistic thinking capability is strong the ability of differentiate and analyse that this says normally namely, chai Ming thinks, the speech of each person has the logic that decides firstly, the logic of character of the antonym when this is being translated with respect to requirement translator wants to master, pass reasonable combination, pass information auditor through target language. Because the gift of tongues is poor,misunderstanding, mistranslate or leakage interpret appearing when some people are being translated is not, however logistic thinking ability is poor, textual in the relation on a few logic of existence, translator fails to close strung to realize from between the lines, context come out, appear so accident.
■ an eligible interpreter still needs reaction delicacy have the quality such as clarity of reaction delicacy, enunciation. If connect the most primary interpreter quality short of, also do not have the latent capacity that becomes an eligible interpreter so.
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