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Talk about interpreter quality from risk angle
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Talk about interpreter quality from risk angle
Feng Jingbao

The factor that affects interpreter quality is very much, also can study this one issue from different point of view. Today, we see this problem from the angle of the risk. The influence translates quality to basically have 8 gale a place difficult of access:

1.Speaking person risk: 1) . The speed that speaking person speaks: Speaking person rate is too rapid, the interpreter follows rise can have a problem, solve this one problem to be able to have different skill, this was done technically in an article discuss. 2) . The accent of speaking person; Problem of oral speech soundvoice relatively dimension processing, have very good control only some language ability understands all sorts of accent. But the author's experience makes clear, encounter when having the speaking person with more numerous accent, can lower the voice that him interpreter speaks, can listen more clearly so. 3) . The means of speaking person, some people speech compares nit-pick on words, make dragoman is difficult to bring the matter up.

2.Intellectual risk: Dragoman knowledge is insufficient, to content understanding forms difficulty. Dragoman eliminates the language level that raises his ceaselessly at ordinary times outside, still need extensive dabble all sorts of reader, when it is more difficult to if encounter meeting theme,understand; of of all kinds knowledge, should be in the meeting is forward conference organizer demands a data, study the speech stalks of grain beforehand, had made sufficient preparation.

3.Lexical risk: Dragoman is not familiar to meeting theme, do not understand concerned vocabulary, in translating a process, every encounter a new term to be about to want to answer how to should say in target language now.

4.Equipment risk: Equipment noise is too big, cause difficulty to dragoman audition. Simultaneous interpretation is very tall to the requirement of equipment acoustic quality, usually, the position of volume knob is to be in 9 come to was controlled at 10 o'clock. Should be any noise are not had inside the earphone after putting out volume completely. The assembly room should reach ahead of schedule before the meeting, debug equipment together with technical personnel, otherwise, if acoustics cannot flexibly if, can bring very big impact to the interpreter.

5.Organizer risk: Conference organizer does not know simultaneous interpretation should have what demand, different dragoman cooperates, both neither provides conference data, do not offer the spokesman's lecture notes again; Some units even the job that ignored translates, put dragoman in the corner of a few invisible assembly rooms. These metropolises produce certain effect to translating quality.

6.Colleague risk: Alleged colleague risk does not cooperate each other between the colleague namely, the risk that not mutual help creates. A few numbers of person of some moment speech are more, at the same time content relatively complex, need a colleague to be recorded in what assist the dragoman that is translating to do a few cell aside, word of exactly the amount, wait, or do a few clew, for instance, dragoman because too center energy to do an interpreter, may something listens not clear, did not listen even clear, at this moment the dragoman on the side may listen a bit more clearly, can help him (she) carry a term. Sometimes, encounter a speech fast or when the spokesman that is content difficult interpret, when should be being replaced to another dragoman, that dragoman may stem from some kind to fear psychology is not received, this is, after more than 20 minutes, dragoman brain will be very tired, interpreter quality can drop to; some is translated even if think lazy, intended evening receives you 89 minutes even 23 minutes, these circumstances can are opposite interpreter quality brings an influence.
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