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Outside be stationed in diplomatic mission makes a few experience of the interpr
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The author ever was in business in diplomatic mission of France of my be stationed ining department job passes a few years, the home that seeks a way often is because of working need during action business, inspect delegacy to become an interpreter, the hardships that works to doing an interpreter and but have personal experience, flavor is not a person of the same trade therein and do not know. The experience of a few shallow that borrows " to translate garden " to talk about an individual now and colleague communicate.

One, learn accumulate over a long period, frequently to practice hard

Learning foreign language and Chinese is make a good translation most postulate, a lot of people have a kind of misunderstanding, thought abroad need not learn a foreign language painfully again, foreign language level can rise naturally, actually otherwise, in abroad environment of working foreign language is compared admittedly be close friends more in home, but be like do not learn conciously and accumulate, foreign language level also won't rise a lot of. Often can see such circumstance: Two worked in French diplomatic mission likewise 3, young diplomat of 4 years, just arrived France when level of two people French differs very few, but as a result of assiduous and academic, another does not think of enterprising to be content with the current situation, time of a few years makes the foreign language level of these two people pulls open very big difference. Although be in abroad to the job also cannot quit the study of the foreign language and be satisfied at can dealing with daily place to need,the experience of a lot of people proves already adequately, and ought to make full use of good abroad's favorable language environment strives to make his integrated foreign language applies ability to rise a few more quickly.

Read newspaper, watch TV, listen to broadcast to ought to become an interpreter everyday obligatory course, discovery a few vivid, fresh expressive means should use note to record instantly, the material that when having free time, often accumulates these is taken read, back; When when making an interpreter if encounter similar setting fitly with respect to have words, often can get the effect that make the finishing point.

The person that aspire does an eligible interpreter is about to regard study foreign language and Chinese as a kind of lifestyle, want to accomplish " fist not to leave buccal " from hand, music, learn and tireless, be very happy with it; The " that is not satisfied at " to basically can deal with stretch, " on average level hears of read the " that write interpret, want the level of article of China and foreign countries oneself hard to promote higher administrative levels, have the capacity of the thought that freelies with compendious, fluent, exact language the earth's surface amounts to him.

2, extensive, thorough ground understands and master setting data

The content utterly ignorant that in if talk to both sides,be being translated, involves or those who know is very little, with respect to very hard accurate land the interpreter comes out, if oneself pay no attention to solution to you can let others understand again be if how oneself pay no attention to solution to you can let others understand again,translated? E.g. : I myself know nothing about chemistry, if let me give international of a chemical learning the seminar,become an interpreter, then I also am made anyhow bad. Master setting data so crucial to the interpreter, the understanding of relevant setting data of the topic for discussion that can say to translate pair of bilateral place refer must be jumped over extensive, more thorough, the interpreter rises to jump over handy, do a job with skill and ease.
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