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Google translates new technology to translate 100 kinds of languages at the same
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Google thinks, people future can rely on machine logic translate the document into world main language instantly.

The program name of Google is " statistical machine translation " (Statistical Machine Translation) , this and before differ hard.

Before the syntactic regulation that people is a linguist setting and dictionary input computer.

Google inputs the document that has translated people computer, rely on computer to identify future how to be translated next. The Franz Och that is in charge of this project expresses, although quality is faulty still, than before machine translation has progressed somewhat. He says: "A few people that are engaged in machine translation for a long time see after we translate Arabic into English character, express, this is one big breakthrough. After the person that had not used machine translation reads translated text, say, the first mistake is in the five elements. The first mistake is in the five elements..

To great majority task, basic and correct translation is already enough good. Arabic news website the interpreter has been done well for English, but two Google employee expresses, english website the interpreter is returned for Russia language some are of a kind. The character that Och inputs basically is U.N. file and European Union file. The language that did not translate a written language in great quantities will face bigger problem, be like African language. Och says: "Input morer, translate weller. Translate weller..

So far, google provides the function of statistical machine translation of Arabic, Chinese and Russia language in Http://www.google.com/language_tools, use tripartite software to be able to obtain the interpreter of the character such as German. Och expresses: "So far, the key is to make very good translated text all the time. According to the philosophical concept of Google, once useful meet influential, can find out the method that will make money to moment. Can find out the method that will make money to moment..

Edinburgh university teachs Miles - Aosibuen and Google are on this project undertake cooperative, he says, to Arabic English such combination, this project may have very good show, but, software won't exceed a person on the interpreter of expert level.