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The development that machine translation is in China
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The research of our country machine translation begins 1956. 1959, machine translation investigator of China undertook China successfully first performance of machine translation test. China is the 5th state that has this kind of test. This year should be Chinese machine translation 40 years of research. Come in this hour century reviewing, have the sense that its commemorate more.

Above all, chinese machine translation considers to take seriously from the height that got a country at the beginning. Be in early 1956 it with the mathematical theory of natural language of "/" of " machine translation " included at that time " scientific progress compendium " . Label " later 75 " of 65 " , " , and the project of great scientific research such as "863" . Although machine translation research of China also has had backwater of 10 years, but differ with abroad, because study those who cause to the interrupting of itself invests to machine translation,not be. Next, chinese machine translation studies from have much unit at the beginning, in many ways is diverse the tackles key problem in coordination characteristic of intellectual structure personnel. This characteristic place that studies oneself decides this, it needs at least the many sided knowledge such as computer science, maths, linguistics.  

70 time metaphase, research of our country machine translation was moved toward from backwater anabiosis, it is the characteristic that tackles key problem in coordination reflects the most sufficient period. The researcher that a lot of ministries and commissions centered below the organization in place of information of Chinese science and technology at that time tackles key problem in coordination below the specific guidance of the expert in insitute of language of company division courtyard. The ideal at that time is to pass such large-scale cooperation, development gives a system, foster a batch of talents, bring back the system next respective unit investment is used, continue to perfect in use process. Although the good will of blossom everywhere does not have implementation later, but give full cooperation more through 5 years, development gave a system, fostered a person to just be mixed accumulated experience. In this one period, still begin to be expedited to abroad staff learns and introduce a technology, undertook communicating with the machine translation research organization that already enjoyed great reputation in international at that time. Insitute of language of company division courtyard begins to train graduate student of machine translation major. In this period learns in information and Chinese informatics can fall later established professional committee, ever held national academic seminar regularly, ever still published machine translation special issue.  

80 time metaphase arrives since the machine translation that 90 time initial stage is our country considers to anabiosis oneself the 2nd important period. In this one period, generation is in China twice too machine translation history on those who have important sense is practical change a system. They are the "KY-1" English-Chinese machine translation system that martial academy of sciences develops respectively, it obtained national science and technology to progress second-class award, be developed later 5 on have such a few characteristics: Majority deserves to have the professional dictionary of a variety of extensive fields, majority can move on the net, have perfectly the interface of convenient user. The new machine translation that uses a field studies, if speak,already also began the research and development of the translation system. The level that Chinese machine translation studies is in on the whole from not low at the beginning, the national photograph that the machine translation on the development respect in the system on PC product, net and world studies to develop nowadays compares assuming quality.
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