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"In outside interpret " high-level forum: Call interpreter talent to build natio
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Came 7 days on April 6, 2007, by bureau of Chinese foreign language, China interpreter association sponsors " in outside interpret -- the road of Chinese trend world " high-level forum is held in Beijing, this is the forum of major of high administrative levels that our country transmits interpreter domain to be held first external. Many 200 China and foreign countries translates the expert of the domain, scholar, interpret of international interpret couplet, China assist reach a nation the controller of relevant section, around how to promote the interpreter that transmits a domain external quality, education translates a talent, the topic such as the way that explores the innovation that Chinese culture transmits external undertook be discussinged deep.

The person that attend the meeting thinks generally, the problem such as the fault of the lack of talent of high level interpreter, talent already was become in rising, the country translates working level, become Chinese culture to move toward a bottleneck of the world even. Accordingly, strengthen an interpreter to the talent is fostered and translate a team, rise its to national strategy height, cause the resonance with the intense person that attend the meeting.

Interpreter problem already became China to publish and even the bottleneck that Chinese culture walks along

"Chinese books extends a plan external " Ms. Wu Wei is in deputy director general of office of news of project controller, the State Council the fact that awkwardness of a your person pointed out in the speech: The nuclear core that regards Chinese culture as the industry is divided, chinese publication course of study should carry a successive, development and the weighty responsibility that transmit China culture. And long-term since, the position of the circumstance of Chinese copyright unfavorable balance of trade and China nots agree with, with Chinese development the current situation does not match, among them a decisive reason, this translates a problem namely.

She tells a reporter, the publication orgnaization of China and foreign country admits, whether the foreign language that uses a tunnel, kind that can understand with the foreigner, convey the meaning of Chinese origianl work, it is the key that Chinese books has the ground that does not have base oneself upon, land that has how many base oneself upon on the international market. Pick so that the 3rd often abandons literary award of novel laurel " get work " , 2004 the bottom parts with day, law, meaning, flower Shikoku publication orgnaization signed copyright to output cooperative agreement. But till today, 4 translation are not had come out. Yanlianke says the author " the foreigner reads an edition, retractile went, say the interpreter does not come out. " publication of a lot of China has with " get work " similar experience. Because search,be less than good translation and make be difficult to do of foreign language translation.
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