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QIAN Chun-chi masters died Translation
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Let the Chinese perception of Goethe, Heine, Nietzsche Chinese awareness of Goethe, Schiller, Heine, Nietzsche, Baudelaire, thanks to German translator QIAN Chun-chi. At 23:26 on February 3, the translation of the full-length of the translators, in Xuhui District Central Hospital, died at the age of 89 years. Shanghai Translation Society Chen Lei told reporters yesterday he was a note from the money old family learned the sad news of the. "Mr. Wrestling fracture hospitalization last year, was also found that the heart is not very good, in the hospital for almost a year." QIAN Chun-chi, was born in 1921, 1946, graduated from Shanghai Medical College of Southeast, has a career in medicine at the three hospitals, there have been four medical monographs published. From medicine in 1960, is the predecessor of the China-US Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, the hospital, when he was a dermatologist. "Because of personnel changes, had transferred to another hospital to do their own doctors do not like facial features," he bid farewell to the hospital, and wages decoupling, onto the German translation of the career path. QIAN Chun-chi master English, French, German, Japanese, Russian and five foreign languages, in Spanish, Greek, Latin, also did a great effort. "'Cultural Revolution', he had their homes searched, and took away the 'capital' - the million copies of foreign documents, together with the four books of translation, but he still continue to translate. A reform and opening up, one after another of his works out, are you anxious to read the masterpiece: "Goethe Poems," "Faust," "Goethe drama set", "Schiller Selected Poems", "Theodor Storm Lyric Poetry", "Hesse Lyric Poems, "" Nietzsche Selected Poems "," says Zarathustra, "" Flowers of Evil "and so on." So far, Chun Yee money translated more than 50 species, has won the Lu Xun and other awards.