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Asian foreign journalists "first experience": the translation was not much spee
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Guangzhou Asian Games has not yet start, but reporters from the national media has been the main press center at the Games by the contact of the Guangzhou Asian Games with the "early experience", slightly less than praise. From Getty images (Getty Images) team deployed in the United States, Britain, Australia, New Zealand and China, 12 journalists, from Australia Makedaide Boswell said: "We arrived in Guangzhou, 8, was admitted the media village. I did not participate in the Doha Asian Games last reported, but the Guangzhou Asian Games gave me the feeling that all is well, accommodation, food, easy work, volunteers are enthusiastic. " Another reporter added: "Guangzhou is now the climate is very good, neither cold nor hot, very comfortable, very suitable for our work. And food everywhere, so happy ah!" Japan's Kyodo News senior reporter is Tianyu Sheng said: "The Beijing Olympics has left us a very good impression, now went to Guangzhou, all the venues and media service facilities are also perfect as you might imagine." From India, "Today's headlines" channels (Headlines Today) reporter Suman Lei said: "The Commonwealth Games were held in New Delhi recently, compared to the Guangzhou Asian Games are well organized, very beautiful venues, the media Services are also in place. walking in the streets of Guangzhou Asian Games, I can feel the passion and people look forward to. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help us foreigners. "