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World Expo to be favorable for simultaneous translation
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Construction industry, services demand ChinaHR in March, according to the Employment Index report: by the impact of the Expo, the employment index of the construction industry in East China reached 148, the highest point in history. In fact, with China's rapid economic development and urbanization progresses, the construction industry in recent years has become one of the most attractive areas of employment. In addition, the Expo needs of service jobs is a lot of talent, such as catering, security, hotline Commissioner venue translation, salary according to job types, from 1,200 yuan to 4500 yuan per month. Late: Sought-after high levels of simultaneous translation World Expo, who meet the job market in Shanghai's own characteristics, in line with market economy requirements, and the Shanghai city location is closely related to the future of the post will be preserved and become a hot career. For example, a high level of simultaneous interpretation, as in recent years, increasing international exchanges, coupled with the World Expo held in Shanghai, more and more international conferences and corporate events held in China moved. Therefore, the "business conference" will become a yet another new business development opportunities, simultaneous conference has become an important role in the operation can not be obtained, followed by the Logistics Manager, Supply Chain Manager, tourism-related jobs. Emphasis: Expo talent pool among the [2.00 0.00%], Very important cross-cultural communication skills Expo requires a lot of talent, but also attracted a lot of talent, then, in the case of talent, personal rely on to win it? ChinaHR career experts Ouyang Hui Tan said: "cross-cultural communication skills are a very important point, the Shanghai World Expo is a 1851 first time since the city as the theme of the Expo, the dialogue is the content of the human under different cultural background of urban development. due to natural endowments, cultural and historical differences between countries is not the same view of the city. Therefore, cross-cultural communication skills is particularly important in communication in both Chinese and foreign language is not enough just to understand, but also to understand the differences between different cultures, accept their own values and norms of behavior different. "In addition, the integrated quality is very important, for example, both organizations, the development planning of various activities, but also responsible for public relations, project finance, foreign law, communication management and media publicity. Not only to grasp the whole pre-holding of a convention program, but also to clarify all aspects during the show, and implement the details. Finally, Ouyang Hui stressed that the responsibility and team spirit is also considered a priority, this is the truth of any change in recruitment.