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Scarcity of translators to make Chinese books "going out" Bottlenecks
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Translation of "appalling", Literature and Social Science translation, "all" hard to find ... ... in the recently held "China Book International Promotion Programme," the sixth session, from the domestic publishing industry professionals and experts in the Working Group agreed that the translation Talent scarcity has become a constraint on China books "going out" one of the major bottlenecks. "China Book International Promotion" static Ruibin working group of senior experts believe that, at present, China has introduced a large number of publications out there is no translation, text translation is not high is the key to one of the reasons. "We have translated and published books, a considerable number of high quality foreign language books, one is the poor quality of language itself, translation blunt, simple words spelled, means aliasing, and even political mistake; the second is not high art of translation, foreign readers acceptance is low, the purpose of cross-cultural reach. " Another working group of experts Shi-Nan also believes that foreign books are translated by the Chinese frame of mind, usually to give the corresponding literal translation: "This kind of translation I feel very uncomfortable to look, not to mention to foreigners can understand. " Jing Rui Bin said that our book "going out" to go faster, go better, translation is very important. "A very good book, high quality foreign language was introduced to go out, the book value of damning with faint praise. In fact, we are now facing a situation of scarcity of translators, translators not only a serious fault, but also more dispersed, particularly in the Social Sciences translators of literature's masters are extremely rare. " Jing Rui Bin believes that to break the Chinese book "going out" of this bottleneck, you need to train scholars, expert translators. "This will require government support, training a number of social sciences, literature, high-level translators. At the same time, you can also learn from the French model, the strength of the publishing group their training high-level, professional translators. This requires enterprises long-term development vision, talent and form their own system. "