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English undergraduate course studies abroad Master major of England chooses
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Stay for years in me flower in advisory job, the university that often can encounter a lot of undergraduate course to learn English major seeks advice natively, they do not have too much assurance to the major that their learns normally, do not know to study abroad England, what kind of Master course can English major choose?

I understand their reason with one confused face, so to above problem, I think or from individual interest proceed with, it is better settlement way, we know English is a language, it is different from other type major really, but study abroad English country, make full use of professional good qualities, the professional way that can choose is more still, my commendation shares 4 kinds: The first interpreter kind or language literature kind; Medium of the 2nd masses kind; The 3rd education kind; The 4th turn section of major study business kind, include to manage kind, market sale kind, finance kind etc; Divide this beyond, other major way will choose very hard, course major span is too big, can cause school work to be finished very hard, for instance: Some homecoming ask, can I learn legal Master major? So whether my answer decides normally, because head first British university won't recruit a student so; Next, the student of most English major, what had studied legal subject during school is little really little, because legal ABC is blank in brain, in the time that can imagine a year, you complement at the same time fundamental course of law, analyse the case of higher administrative levels even at the same time, unless you do not eat to be not drunk,do not sleep, but we know such hypothesis is not to hold water, so such choice won'ts do.

Tell to exceptional student, I want to learn this major very much really really, so the proposal that I give out is, the time that they had better choose preparatory of Master of a law to learn one year first as excessive, choose the study of legal Master course again next, such preparatory does not see more, I can recommend the SOAS university that a school is England, it offers Master preparatory course of law, and accept technically turn professional undergraduate course is graduate, elegant consider a requirement 6 minutes or so, the corresponding period still needs to do interview in Beijing, the interview charge of 90 pound. I once had what a few students choose so namely to study abroad way.

4 kinds of major that above mentions choose way, I once helped a lot of students had been dealt with successfully, they some now in England leaving that made a teacher, special professor foreigner says Chinese; Some aspire should become an outstanding simultaneous interpretation expert; Some chose the job of broadcasting station or body of newspaper office matchmaking; Some going back to the motherland did the work that communicates a respect with culture of China and foreign countries; Return some to be in business at present, and the company of the service's almost monochromatic foreign capital enterprise; The study for the purpose of application is very so fundamental, if be gold,it always can give off light, here I suggest all classmates that learn English, if you still were done not have very on the degree that is fed up with him place to learn major, so continue to study it well, strive for grind it made the same score, it can give off light! If you are true what do not like oneself very is professional, that loves most with respect to what choose that as far as possible, if chose,be sure to keep in mind nevertheless, be about to accomplish best! Do not want those who use others to select oneself choice.
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