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Interest of New Zealand new policy emigrates at studying abroad
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From the point of newest technical land settlement policy, new Zealand will cause to study abroad emigrant upsurge. Current, immigrant of main and contented technology hits minute of lowest to ask 100 minutes to be able to apply for, achieve 140 minutes to be able to gain emigrant status directly. The most mark application between 100-135, if the job assures (JOBOFFER) or the application that belongs to in short supply major is met commonly preferential by examine and verify, good news is undoubtedly for the student of emigrant to thinking through studying abroad the way is achieved purpose.

   Policy reforms the right season or time

According to " new civilian evening paper " report, new Zealand is promulgated and implemented new regulation, made the change of structural sex from the after approbating graduation job of record of formal schooling to skill land settlement policy.

Of record of formal schooling approbate: Most record of formal schooling should be how much is divided or is divided, just raised the requirement of record of formal schooling of 4 class certificate. The record of formal schooling of the 4 class certificate that new regulation asks must be the country approves letter, and must be in new skilled worker kind all previous of professional ability mathematics in professional list separates branch. Current, record of formal schooling of 4 class certificate basically is mechanic kind, for instance carpentry, electrical engineering, long lathe work, baker, horticultural labour. But New Zealand immigration office had not learned 4 class certificate considering those, but either how should the student that the country approbates do, still did not publish a transitional policy up to now.

Of working skill approbate: Although had branch of record of formal schooling, but the technology that this job seeing even after finding the job is regulation of New Zealand immigration office kind working skill, want to obtain the immigrant of labor contract 50 minutes namely, what kind of job and the person that have what record of formal schooling or experience can pursue this job, the new rule choose a site for the capital of New Zealand did a specification.

Additional, the emigrant profession that the policy of New Zealand exits before November 26, be like a cashier, it is not OK to be differentiated to be 4 classes certificate to become below new policy emigrant. But the profession that emigrates completely some before without the opportunity, be differentiated to be 3 class certificate below new policy, increase experience of on 3 years of jobs, become OK and emigrant. If intermediary of horticultural division, chef, secretary or assistant, house property is waited a moment.

   Benefit is great the right season or time

Can see from inside the change of new regulation of New Zealand immigrant at 2 o'clock: One, working experience is mainer and mainer, especially the working experience of New Zealand is advanced a few months also add promotive cent; 2, the profession that New Zealand immigration office differentiates is existing problem, evaluate an orgnaization not to father to be mixed closely to the assess of professional grade science, the profession that having higher demand to professional knowledge so like book-keeping, cashier is demoted instead 4 class certificate.
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