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Study abroad abroad 10 big contraindication
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One avoid is eager to learning to go back to the motherland

To certain give birth to other perhaps reason as exchange in a limited time for the student that comes round to study abroad, we do not have method. But what I want to if home does not have too great actuating pressure,say is press, had better do a school work to end to seek the plan that the opportunity develops in this locality first, even if come true hard later. Do not see this plan be like it doesn't matter alarming, so a bit difference, with respect to the motive that can control us to study abroad here directly and specific action, cause different outcome. Because a few people encounter a few opportunities here, when perhaps creating an opportunity conditionally, because he is thinking " anyway I learn to go back to the motherland immediately, also staying here " , meet subjective abandon. Opportunity lifetime is god-given, although be in abroad, we also should try hard to strive for, right?

2 avoid fear

We come to a new place, new environment, be far from home town, everything all round is not familiar, some people are very friendly, some people are chilly, this is us some feelings. But need not fear, all life order as a rule undertake. Here we did not lose freedom, still can want to do what to do. Do not think here is the land of others, oneself have to resemble a guest, become overcautious rise. As the foreigner, we show friendly one side, also notice a few ego are protected at the same time, unlock disposition, live with them, need not regard sb as an outsider. Fear to be able to close oneself rise, make oneself outlet narrower and narrower, before working, be to should consider, but the courage that lets consider to efface oneself, want not to sin only, do not violate compasses, also do not affect morality and figure, hesitant what, vasy!

3 avoid do not follow others communication

French of study of person of affirmative quite a few is to come out immediately, it is crash. Compare English, our French grade is inferior to English for certain, communication rises have a lot of difficulty. This needs practice! How experienced? Often try to follow others communication, hear others talk. Some people said, "My French is very poor, say even the sentence not complete, how to communicate with others? " brother I am not same also at the beginning. Said again, had when crossing interview, we said French for certain? We learn this language also is to have the reason that talks to use it. French has a few differences with expressive habit of English, more the English of language speed ratio that those who headache is it is gotten quickly much. Some foreigners say Chinese at a leisurely pace also do not forbid us into sentential pronunciation some are overcome, that does not learn them. Your French says bad the other side can be corrected to you, but how don't you say sentential pharynx to they know in abdomen? The language is the mainest tool, study abroad outer, lose a language to be equal to lose everything.
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