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The expert is raised action should adjust to Canadian land settlement policy
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The Canada that report from our correspondent suffers emigrant applicant to favor quite all the time invests immigrant -- project of Edward prince island (PEI) , suffer the effect that expected about saving nomination policy to change considerably federally in September, already stopped to receive new emigrant application.

Sohu channel going abroad rolls out " invest emigrant Canada: You how does PEI of look upon Canada save policy mutation? " network investigation data shows, the confidence that the person that has 51.9% among them expresses to be able to invest emigrant Canada to them produces an effect, the person that has 33.3% additionally expresses to won't affect their confidence.

Bright and beautiful Zhang Zhengyue of expert of immigrant of Guo Yikai general manager, senior investment expresses, prospective policy rose to add a country to invest emigrant doorsill admittedly, but, as a result of Canada emigrant ministry already made known his position, will emigrate through increasing quota and raise the kind such as emigrant funds and manpower resource, plan to be in new application programme controll two years or so, and do not need interview to be able to pass application for the most part. Accordingly, because of Canada to those investment immigrant applies for cycle longer and for the personage that flinch, it is a good news undoubtedly. Also want to remind those the hope saves the applicant with nomination emigrant project through Canada finally, must understand new policy provision seriously before application, discretion chooses intermediary company, lest bungle opportunity, cause needless loss and trouble.