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BEC exam has an opportunity to study abroad freely
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Learn from concerned branch, attend the English of Cantabrigian business affairs this year May medium, advanced exam, before ranking 10 examinee, the contest of English of business affairs of Asia-Pacific area Cambridge that will be invited to attend ministry of exam of Cantabrigian foreign language to hold. Player of total final champion will be won in Singapore the MBA course of 12 months learns an opportunity. The person that center of Cantabrigian ESOL exam still will be other bear the palm offers corresponding money reward, the business affairs that includes Australia and England grooms opportunity. Our country already had hundred thousands of examinee to attend BEC, at present BEC already became the English outside the 2nd sea of domestic to take an exam, examinee number is next to elegant think of. 2007, examinee number exceeds TOEFL.