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Go abroad study abroad common problem is solved
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The reader quizs: Receive foreign school admission notice, be equal to can go abroad, can are oneself dealt with study abroad formalities?

Expert opinion: This is not little do first go abroad the error that the person that study abroad produces easily, deal with go abroad study abroad, must have the school above all or groom the orgnaization receives you, but not was to have admission notice, go abroad successfully study abroad, more important is to should apply for passport going abroad and this country to be stationed in China the student visa of diplomatic and consular missions. If the applicant is right,study abroad error of the existence on the understanding of policy and understanding, evaluate beforehand for instance assure and emigrant liability issue, application visa fails likely, and grow ceaselessly as applicant age, study abroad the change of policy is unpredictable. Once the first time study abroad application fails, affect other opportunity very likely. Current, the successful rate that has studying abroad applying for through acting as agent is in 85% the left and right sides, and the successful rate that the individual applies has 40%~50% only.

The reader quizs: Go to abroad attending undergraduate course or graduate student, a lot of moment cannot choose him the major that perhaps likes what learn so, so oneself does different meeting affect former major and application major to be admitted by foreign school?

Expert opinion: Generally speaking, if the major of applicant application and already some professional setting are same there can be an advantage when the school is admitted. But the special requirement that does not eliminate a few major that have individual school. Average school makes the same score the condition of enter a school that waits for a few respects to consider a student to whether accord with this school from water of age of enter a school, highest record of formal schooling, language. Like you former major and the major that you apply for differ, you may need from at present application major begins to read case.