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Go abroad study abroad how to be changed collect
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Annual by August it is the student goes abroad at the beginning of September the fastigium that study abroad, in this time paragraph, parent of student studying abroad is busy change for the child buy foreign currency. Of the RMB before facing order appreciate continuously, how is ability accomplished already be economical save worry, get the money in the hand best use, became the topic that student and parents care most. For this, our newspaper reporter studies abroad to going abroad at present change collected a circumstance to undertake investigating.

Buy foreign exchange every year not to exceed 50 thousand dollar each

"No matter convert the money of which country, the client should notice bureau of the canal outside place above all to one-time change the upper limit regulation that collect. " recently, expert of bank conduct financial transactions is believed to express so when accepting a reporter to interview in, he at the same time special remind go abroad study abroad change collect must remember 3 keywords well -- 50 thousand dollar, 5000 dollars, change collect data.

And the reporter discovers in subsequently investigation, 3 afore-mentioned elements are to change really before collecting, must know of dawn " custom " . Above all, deal with go abroad study abroad change collect, equivalence the foreign currency amount of 50 thousand dollar is a standard. If buy foreign exchange,amount is inside year total (namely everybody is annual equivalence 50 thousand dollar) , after by oneself identification declares utility to the bank, can deal with. If buy foreign exchange,exceed year amount, the bank stipulates by exchange control him examine and verify is true after demand proof, can deal with buy foreign exchange. If the student studying abroad buys foreign exchange,the forehead spends prep above 50 thousand dollar, be about to be examined and approve to bureau of the canal outside place, examine and approve permissive hind, study abroad personnel is held outside tubal bureau opens buy foreign exchange the proof just can buy foreign exchange to the bank.

In the meantime, of overseas to be about to go to pursue one's studies study abroad for personnel, this forehead spends 5000 dollars to also must notice, because this is,study abroad the upper limit that personnel carries foreign currency to show paper money. Current, besides fixed tuition, study abroad personnel is changed in home when collecting, can will among them one part of living cost changes foreign currency to show paper money, carry do not exceed equivalence the foreign currency of 5000 dollars shows bank note to leave the country.

Additional, expert of conduct financial transactions reminds study abroad personnel, go to a bank changing collect, material must be taken all ready. The first school year should take Qi Yin illicit passport, effective visa, mention expressly the formal admission notice of the full name, collect fees advice note and interpreter, Id or booklet of registered residence. The data that the 2nd school year needs to take includes: This year collects fees the pay cost proof of announcement, on one school year or semester, him a power of attorney, student's identification card reading a proof, because illicit passport reachs effective visa photocopy, oneself or do sth for sb person portion card or booklet of registered residence.
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