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The United States studies abroad the factor that affects fellowship application
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Usually, when American each school is inspecting an applicant, basically can consider the following factors: The award that learns experience of achievement, standard exam achievement, job, earning and setting of honorary, record of formal schooling, family.

   One, study result

Study achievement of the applicant, no matter be high school achievement or university achievement, use two kinds of forms to behave, one kind is GPA (GradePointAverage) namely " average grade check the number " , another kind is " Rank " , namely " graduation place " .

These two kinds of forms are the measures success of applicant school work level that American most school uses, through understanding the study before the applicant achievement and study place realize potential of its school work.

(one) average grade check the number -- , GPA

American most university has lowermost regulation to the applicant's GPA, insufficient lowest GPA asks do not grant to consider.

Be in the United States, the method of school GPA computation of 90% is to adopt 4. 0 make (4. 0scale) , the school that has 1% can be adopted 5. 0 make, the standard of lowermost enter a school of these schools also rose with respect to corresponding ground. Adverse to our country student is, the grading of Chinese major school is quite severe, a lot of students with very actually outstanding achievement return fractional conversion into GPA hind insufficient 3. 0, average grade may be in before the class ranking to go up in some universities 5 student 75 minutes the following, when applying for American university so, GPA should become 2. 0, can enter a few 34 drifting schools only. Plant to eliminate this adverse, can use two kinds of methods: It is to be in report or be recommendation and read because standards of grading is very strict,this kind of GPA explaining in the plan is actually and bring about; 2 be when providing report, state such achievement to be in whole class or the place that are the complete platoon that tie place and per cent.

(2) graduation place -- , RANK

When the American school recruit students that has experience and assess fellowship aid financially an object, very clear result is a relative standard, not can very the scholarship that shows a student objectively. Because the standards of grading of every school is not identical, although be in same place school, the title may make whole class grade is in easily 90 minutes above, the title is met hard whole class fails. Accordingly, american school takes exam place and per cent seriously more. Whole class or the total number that are whole department should allude when the place of the exam is explaining. Per cent is the per cent value that reachs the place as denominator as element, total number. Or it is per cent cent is 2 % above, 5 % above, 10 % above, 25 % above, 30 % above, 50 % above a few grade, ask an adviser to make clear applicant place to reside which kinds of among them grade next.
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