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Study abroad how should loan apply for
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Hello, my child reads high school this year, after I think in him high school graduates very much, send him go studying abroad abroad. But at present our domestic economic atmosphere is not first-rate, hear it is OK to study abroad handle loan, want to know the particular case of this respect in detail very much!

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The expert solves:

Study abroad the object of loan studies abroad to draft personnel or its directly-related members of one's family -parents or its spouse. Borrower must have following requirement:

1, borrower should have capacity of completely civil action, the actual age when loan maturity must not exceed 55 one full year of life;

2, borrower is not had break the law behavior, healthy, have the moral character of honest be as good as one's word;

3, borrower studies abroad to go abroad him personnel, going abroad the constant resident opening that usurer seat should have before studying abroad or other and active living status;

4, borrower studies abroad to go abroad of the directly-related members of one's family -parents of personnel or spouse, should have usurer controallable the constant resident mouth inside area or other and active living status, have fixed dwelling place, have stable profession and income source, have the capacity that repays captital with interest on schedule;

5, borrower should hold plans to study abroad the abroad of personnel studies abroad advice note of issued enter a school or other and effective enter a school prove the school;

6, the belongings mortgage that borrower must offer usurer to approbate, impawn or tripartite assures. Guaranty belongings is confined to at present but the house property of set guaranty right; The deposit receipt of national debt, one's own profession, negotiable securities such as enterprise bond is confined to before impawn items; Guarantor should be the legal person that has acting countervail capacity or natural person, be willing to assume implicative reimbursement responsibility;

7, the other condition that usurer sets.