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Deal with 4 kinds of means introductions of immigrant going abroad
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Migrate another country life, job, study, live. A lot of people are to stem from better children to teach, more obtain employment opportunities, study abroad favourably take advanced courses wait a reason a moment to choose immigrant. Because emigrate,the circumstance of destination country and China has a lot of different place, if want to deal with immigrant, the senior company that had better choose to have attestation of aptitude of the Ministry of Public Security is dealt with.

Emigrant, it is lawful permanent resident namely. Permanent resident enjoys roughly as same as foreign citizen right. For example, they can live till the cows come home in the United States, OK and outer country works, foreign country of OK also and free pass in and out

Beneficiary beneficiary can make emigrant application outside foreign condition, basically have the following kinds of kind:

1, investment is emigrant: Want to have enough fund, have investment project. Investing immigrant is to point to have certain assets, have the battalion of industrial and commercial already of certain level or the public figure that manage experience, obtain a foreign country with the means of investment permanent and resident authority. The applicant is OK the investment fund that the government approves country of invest in target or likely commercial item. This kinds of applicant must be willing to emigrate target of capital invest in country, in order to promote a goal development of emigrant country economy, add obtain employment opportunity and rich culture life

2, the technology is emigrant: Have working experience, have the record of formal schooling of above of three-year institution of higher learning, elegant think of 6 minutes of above (say simply, the comprehensive strength of the respect such as skill of the literacy rate that relies on an applicant namely, profession, the gift of tongues will apply for immigrant)

3, the relative is emigrant: Go to afore state-owned directly-related members of one's family -parents, the applicant has steady economic source

4, marriage is emigrant: Build real marital concern, the applicant needs the authenticity that can confirm marriage concerns