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Whole nation of solution of detailed of human affairs ministry translates profes
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Whole nation of solution of detailed of human affairs ministry translates professional competence (level) take an exam

Reporter of southern net dispatch learned from ministry of national occurrences in human life recently, the whole nation that already brought into system of certificate of national profession qualification to unite a program translates professional competence (level) exam general at be being rolled out inside year this year. On July 16 morning, ministry of national occurrences in human life and Chinese foreign language publish career bureau to hold the whole nation to translate professional competence jointly (level) exam committee of experts establishs plenary session, what pulled open the job with this far-reaching meaning at this point is prelusive. So, why should the country organize this exam? What person is qualified attend? How will be the exam held? How to translate professional competence to will affect obtain employment? Taking the issue that everybody cares generally, chinese net is exclusive special interview director of department of government of personnel of technology of major of ministry of national occurrences in human life Ms. Liu Baoying.

Chinese net: Is is ministry of national occurrences in human life rolled out and exam of qualification of major of constituent executive interpreter to stem from why to plant consideration? Where is the meaning that carries out this exam again?

Director Liu: Interpreter professional develops in our country economy and is very main effect in social progress, absorbing the advanced science and technology that introduces a foreign country especially knowledge and strengthen international communication and cooperative respect, the interpreter is bridge and ligament. Of the political quality that translates personnel and business quality rise, the domain waits in politics, economy, science and technology to our country all-around the action that enhances international collaboration to having a key.

Height of the Party Central Committee, the State Council pays close attention to and take talent strategy seriously carry out, "Comparatively well-off great undertaking, the talent is this " . Interpreter talent is the main component of our country professional, will translate professional competence (level) the exam brings into design of survey of system of qualification of our country profession, all-around, it is farther standard and the business quality that improve interpreter personnel, get used to our country to add WTO and the requirement that raise interpreter army, also be for reform, improve, evaluation of technical position of perfect interpreter major and system of appoint to a position.

In addition, the evaluation of active various interpreter personnel presses district or industry organization, accordingly, its evaluated a level to also reflect district sex level. Qualification of executive interpreter major takes an examination of trial-produce to spend, the socialization that conduces to interpreter standard. The whole nation translates professional competence (level) exam, the system of a kind of qualification that serves as a country is built and the organization is carried out, ought to be an important matter that translates a bound, it is the construction of a system that makes to foster high administrative levels to translate a talent, it is a major issue that makes to drive interpreter team to build place.
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