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Oral interpretation level is uneven a minute English
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The English that a foreign trader says one minute, result mouth dragoman translated ten minutes, according to 1: The interpreter time of 1, what are 9 minutes many translating after all? Was in a few days ago " interpreter service is normative oral interpretation of the 2nd part " bulletin of national level news is met on, the interpreter bound expert that comes from countrywide each district is current current situation of oral interpretation market points out, along with interpret, leakage interpret, by accident a variety of non-standard operation phenomena such as interpret still more general, buccal dragoman level is uneven.

"Take simultaneous interpretation for, on the market a lot of dragoman think to need to break up to 30% of original intention only now, probably the meaning is told it is OK to come out, but such meetings omit a lot of very important information, cannot assure the integrality of information. " 颎 of Chai Ming of advanced interpreter prexy tells university of Shanghai foreign language the reporter, according to international professionalism standard, the interpreter rate of simultaneous interpretation should achieve 98% above, in home, outside going up, the standard of professional simultaneous interpretation that the college waits for outside north also asks leakage interpret rate is less than 2% , "The fall of nearly 60% , market of reflective exit interpret is existing the non-standard operation such as good and evil people mixed up. "

Chinese interpret assist Zhang Najun of vice director of interpreter service commission expresses, itself of some oral interpretation is not had by accident, the numerous proper-noun that does not exist with the industry however makes simultaneous interpretation member appear cannot " the interpreter reachs the designated position " circumstance, also can make level of oral interpretation market appears deviation. Besides, below huge increase temptation, poorer translation firm and dragoman swarm into a large number of levels to send the market together, brought credit crisis to the industry. Shanghai east translates Chen Zhongliang of chief inspector of business of central limited company to think, " the interpreter serves a standard " the national level that had raised oral interpretation market. Want the overall level of dragoman of further normative opening, still basically adopt the professional education of institute of each big college interpreter. And to professional stronger oral interpretation, optimal way is in foundation of original interpreter level aspirant travel technology grooms, promotion dragoman is aimed at the interpreter ability of special major.

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