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Rather " interpret is gotten much " as " take aim definitely "
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Because interpret writes an amount,be interpreter home at the same time much and win " macrocosm Jinisi " most, it is at the same time " bound of literature of China of Nobel literature award is guessed forbid an appearance " the field of vision that is showing Chinese interpreter extent and level. The foreign literature interpreter of instantly our country and research, backside of picture of a prosperity, whether is conceal worn cannot the awkwardness of get to the bottom of?

The leaf teachs quantitative get victory

Not long ago, home of interpreter of literature of unripe adviser of Master of institute of foreign language of university of this city Dong Hua, Japan Professor Xie Rongding obtained what by macrocosm the organizing committee issues Jinisi " foreign literature interpret writes an amount most " certificate. According to introducing, professor Xie Rongding ever obtained management law bachelor and environment early or late in Japan pedagogic master's degree, currently hold the post ofChina to translate director of association National Council, Shanghai to translate domestic association director. He took an examination of Bao Gang 1981, imprint in Bao Gang and Xi Ling early or late the company is engaged in Japanese translating the job, interpret of literature of Japan of the short story in be being published since 1983 makes many 100 with book review many 30, began to translate novel 1997, up to now interpret of altogether publication literature is written and interpret of science and technology writes even more 75, nearly 8 million word, write on behalf of interpret have " complete works of novel of Jiang Huchuan random pace " 46, Song Benqing piece " chromatic river " coil up and down, " black shadow region " " black good news " " Hei Shuixuan eddy " the work such as trilogy. The reporter translated what work saw this was issued this year in September on new book news briefing in a few days ago " macrocosm Jinisi " certificate, marked ground is made clear above " amount 75 " should be record-breaking number this. Speak of this " most " when dependability, xie Rongding teachs confidence chock to express to won't have a problem, because he made count, "Fu Lei of home of famous big interpreter translated our country about many 40 book, gramineous baby translated many 30 book... "

Coterie disapprovingly

However, the affirmation that this record fails to get translating bound personage it seems that however and admit, the reporter removed this matter a little with the personage inside digital line of business recently, the other side expresses never heard of before, think the sense is not great surprisingly. Shanghai translation press edits ground of call a spade a spade to say: "Measure those who translate an actor bad, not be the amount that its interpret writes, however quality. Comparing a figure simply is babyish practice, know to should make He Ping talk to this matter scarcely. " this city home of an old interpreter asks some college questioningly: "Macrocosm Jinisi " be the match breaks off a brick of what? How to also do " interpreter match " came? Have acuteness of scholastic one's words more, the conduct propaganda that thinks this just translates domestic individual acclaims behavior, media need not add fuel to the fire, blow bouquets of flowers and piles of silks-rich multicolored decoration, show dilettante absurdity instead, translate the press because of ours in recent years actually all the time " achievement not beautiful " , the space that should see Nobel literature award can know domestic literature translates bound and mainstream of world the literary world only has many far.
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