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Day Han language chooses a class to be bestowed favor on newly into the universi
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The purpose that learns Japanese is to see Japan move unexpectedly overflow

Undergraduate course reads the Xiao Yang at major of Japanese of university of foreign trade of Guangdong foreign language is a favourite by sb in power in friend circle all along, friends often " use " his Japanese ability. Such as helps their interpreter Japan is newest the game that give uses a page, teach the drama of a few day, issue that uses the everyday term and so on in overflowing to be opposite for him as common occurrence.

Among them the most serious " student " the Li Huimo that is different from school Chinese major apparently is belonged to. Li Hui is Japan uses Japanese iron rod " vermicelli made from bean starch " , but look at Chinese caption to always do not feel satisfy a craving, "What we look at ordinary times is newest move overflowing is look for on the net those who come, some caption and gut are opposite at all on date, the sort of at odds the feeling is not carried many afflict a person. " before calling to mind self-study Japanese, look move the feeling that overflow, painful expression of Li Hui showed everything.

Then, she produced the opinion that teachs oneself Japanese, pay Zhu Shi carry out below Xiao Yang's guidance. "Learn Japanese to need not see caption! Sing correctly for the first time when me dispatch when the Japanese theme music that overflow, fasten Titus excitement! I learned more than one year, I see the animation of contemporary theme do not need caption basically now! " Li Hui says proudly.

In last few years, as the popularity of day Han culture, college school also appeared to learn the upsurge of Japanese, Han Yu in garden, many undergraduates are learning English besides, regard Japanese or Han language as " the 2nd foreign language " . And some more advanced year, the undergraduate is chosen " 2 outside " , choose German, French commonly.

Of Han drama hot ecbolic also many person of Han Yu that have deep love for, popularity sees the undergraduate now original Han drama, think to translate version meeting loss information and aesthetic feeling. The author is stuck in Baidu Han drama in see many people express, must learn Han Yu, understand original teleplay in order to facilitate.

Chinese people university is in last year in September open class of free Han Yupei lecture, the classroom that enrols 30 people only has 400 much people to come round to sign up. The free Japanese that the mass organizations such as oriental cherry company opens grooms is field field explodes more full.

"My God actors or actress with respect to the sound that is Japan (dub actor) , more than these, the thing that I am interested in Japan still has a lot of! I still want to learn Japanese arrange and tea way! " Li Hui complement says. 2005, li Hui take an examination ofing assiduously studies the graduate student of international relation major into Chinese medium university, and go to Japan be engaged in day flower the professional dream that bilingual interpreter is her future.
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