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Answer to breed team of outstanding youth translator energetically
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The personage inside course of study points out, the bad degree that translates bound current situation did not exceed other industry and domain, resemble producing a TV set same, production is much, total meeting has a few defective goods. The interpreter family belongs of older generation is our fortune like that, but they also are not a bit problem is done not have, the hope that translates a bound affirms or be in in on young translator body.

Bring edition of pass in and out presents lively situation

"I am old lot is translated on break " , held on January 23 in people literature press " cling to fasten Er " Ao Desa story " (illustration this) international seminar " on, complier king troops from heaven-an invincible army so report 74 years old of this book translator, senile interpreter homes wear Cong the gentleman fails to go to the buccal hair that meet and prepares character.

As we have learned, people literature press ever published Russia heavyweight writer early or late 2005 at was being mixed 2004 cling to those who fasten Er " cavalry army " and " cling to Bieerma carries a diary on the back " , roll out this " Aode Sa story " (illustration this) include " cavalry army " the whole master piece besides, can calls this company the most serious foreign literature work that 2007 the beginning of the year introduces.

From January since the middle ten days of a month, of foreign literature work bring edition of pass in and out to present a quite lively situation. Shanghai translation press rolled out British institute to send a writer to wear Wei Lodge recently " microcosmic " , in its work series " conversion " , " good job " , " author, author " also will publish at the near future.

Hubei taught a press to roll out good plan of senior publisher Liu Shuo to delimit " world literature big garden " a series of books, this a series of books covered 13 countries such as France, England, United States, Russia and hamster, Arabia and area. Nova press is translated directly from De Wenyuan edition, published winner of award of literature of 1981 year Nobel autobiographical trilogy of Ailiyasi Kaneidi " the tongue that be rescued " , " ear medium baking temperature. Chongqing publication group was to be rolled out at a heat more " return classical " the 2nd batch of novels of a series of books " campus secret history " , " hematic orange " and " broken in April " .

Press afterwards goes to the Yan Shan that the reader feels unfamiliar slightly annual bottom is published " start classical interpret collection formerly " the first collect " artistic road " , " the memory a day morning " , " Bodelaier, "Start classical interpret collection formerly " the 2nd collect also will be rolled out at the near future; Senior France literature translates a Liu Ming 9 be this company chief editor " the book is concentration of foreign literature a person of academic or artistic distinction " will in March before 10 kinds of when roll out the 8th collect new books.
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