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Talent amlposition worry translates service industry
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The industry serves a standard to be about to come on stage

A few days ago, the reporter translates worker association from China (interpret of the following abbreviation assist) secretariat learns, first interpreter serves quality occupation standard to be about to come on stage. And feasibility condition is: To interpreter service company, talent " amlposition " the problem becomes the key that develops to restrict a trade, the public figure that has relevant letter does not wish to pursue written translation job, the position company with original very high demand also is forced to lower one's standard or status in an attempt to. So, of this standard come on stage whether does effective ground solve this " bottleneck " ?

A: The standard is not compulsive, service standard is skimble-scamble

As we have learned, come on stage this " interpreter service is normative " it is the first time on our country history recommend sexual country level to translating what the industry makes, but be not a country mandatory executive standard, the effect that produces to industry so also each are not identical: Interpret assist unit of a few members already " immediately respond to a news " , but blame member unit is worn in continue to use standard of oneself one layette Wu.

Chinese interpret association grows assistant Huang Changji to tell a reporter, the first part that what come on stage at present is a standard only -- written translation, " interpreter service is normative " follow-up part -- , quality of service of translation quality requirement, oral interpretation, oral interpretation asks to wait to will come on stage entirely, form complete translation to serve normative system. As we have learned, be in at present interpret assist unit of a few members began to use this standard. Beijing China and foreign countries translates the relevant controller of advisory company to say, since the standard since coming on stage, had sent controller and business backbone to attend interpret assist groom, and be carried out in company interior according to the standard. Right from personnel of course of study the biggest impact is right " the interpreter serves " made specific definition, translator wants clearly to bear the blame to the quality of translation, inside 6 months after consign is used, translator must bear the blame to his product quality, rejected product must make compensation to the client. Such making that the interpreter serves a company to want to strengthen the management of pair of existing employee not only, also want to ask according to the standard to selecting newlywed person, choose strictly.

And to be not interpret association member unit, more standard practice is to draw lessons from international to translate a company normative to the service of written translation business standard, be like " 3 careful are made " , give the first manuscript by professional interpreter namely, inter block proofreads a the 2nd draft, finally by the expert authorized, give the 3rd manuscript. The Lin Gong that be the same as interpret manages the Wei Jia manager of market ministry introduces, resemble them at present the interpreter enterprise of such dimensions to assure credit and quality, already slam the door the method that uses pluralistic personnel to do interpreter business in great quantities, the mode that translates an enterprise according to foreign capital however undertakes administrative, sign fixed contract with business backbone. And the standard of choose and employ persons also is to be aimed at professional skill discretion only not only, to the profession morality also should undertake assessing, value most what spend from already all previous and operating conditions is dedicated. Meanwhile, she still thought to have an industry standard actually to them these are not interpret assist the company of the member is very main also, "Before differentiate very hard really different translation firm whoes after all good what is poor, had now measure a level, should meet seek many time below good translation province for the client, also calculate a shortcut. "
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