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The Pu in Macao translates talent thirsty city
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In report occupied new network on April 19 Macao daily report, li Xiangyu of dean of Macao technical institute is agreed with, if middle school phase has more middle schools to offer relatively the Pu article course of beautiful, those who be a technical institute is medium source of student of course of Pu interpreter degree offers better amount and quality to assure. Uptodate translate kind of professional student to did not graduate to already was invited by special zone government sector and enterprise, prove the society is badly in need of this kind of talent, the quality that also promotes education this kind of talent to the institute poses requirement and challenge.

To provide the case of newest obtain employment message and manpower demand to student of Macao technical institute, this institute couplet is the same as student union in succession two days, reasonable engineering college is held " 2007 day of invite applications for a job " . The hope is strengthened through the activity the connection with social all circles and communicate, the spot has 21 Macao well-known company ginseng is exhibited, with obtain employment 刋 of exhibition, lecture, position is ascended reach namely the form of field interview, offer the message of obtain employment and position of invite applications for a job to the student.

Li Xiangyu expresses, this college graduate is close this year 1000 people, be like with photograph of in former years, 14 baccalaureate major all has student finish school. Most graduate can find better job, basically be attributed to Macao economy to develop flourishingly, each are big the enterprise is badly in need of a talent. Because market of integral obtain employment is begged for be more than, beautiful of obtain employment foreground, the student of partial major, translate kind of major partly especially, not graduation already was invited by government sector and enterprise, offerred opportunity of auspicious gold obtain employment for graduate, also mirror an enterprise to lack a person with ability really.

He says frankly, hinder to learn resource place to be restricted at the resource with uptodate technical institute and classroom and other 敎 , can develop relevant person with ability according to existing resource allocation only, the amount of Sino-British interpreter personnel that at present the institute supplies believes to already can satisfy requirement, future will be in the qualitative element that promotes this respect the talent continues hard. The direction of another effort is those who increase education Macao to lack is medium the amount of Pu interpreter talent, in order to get used to the need that the society admits.

Especially the trade platform that Macao regards regional Pu phylum as the country, pu translates person ability to deny this one challenge that gets used to social development in, be the challenge that the institute thinks and faces. Less school provides middle school level relatively the Pu language course of beautiful lets be repaired of purpose read personage newspaper, what also restricted a newspaper to read this institute is medium the source of student that Pu translates professional degree course.
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