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4 big cities of Chinese translate the findings report of the company
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Deepen ceaselessly as world globalization degree, china opens to the outside world degree is ceaseless also and thorough, all trades and professions is sent more to diplomatic shedding and collaboration frequent, information this locality changes demand to increase increasingly. The interpreter is planted in this just about the burgeoning industry that goes up as Chinese market below the circumstance is preliminary grow rise. China joins World Trade Organization (WTO) hind, communication of domestic and international market and shirt-sleeve pace are accelerated further, the speed that interpreter market is having no before is swift and violent develop. 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai world rich met 2010 hold more to the interpreter the market brings rare development opportunity. Show according to the data, at present the whole world year interpreter production value exceeds 13 billion dollar, asia-Pacific area is occupied 30% , chinese market is 12.7 billion RMB about. American authoritative orgnaization translates the investigation of the market to show to the world, the dimensions that translates the market will reach 22.7 billion dollar 2005, and the sale that China will achieve 20 billion yuan of RMBs. In last few years, translation firm is like the emerge in large numbers like emerge, be in Beijing especially, the big city such as Shanghai. Depending on natural resources of relatively substantial foreign language talent, the interpreter activity of these cities is very brisk.

Face the interpreter market with rich and generous profit, did translation company hold business chance whether in time? Whether did greatly small interpreter company satisfy market requirement? The service quality of firm of of all kinds translation how? How is translation firm run? For the more can comprehensive, interpreter that goes up to nowadays China market systematically the company understands somewhat, then spy out China translates the market, certain reference is provided when the client that also can be translator and translation firm at the same time undertakes choosing. The author is right recently the take shape translation firm of 4 big cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan, Guangzhou made investigation count.

1. Investigation of interpreter market current situation
Translation company condition is investigated in September 2003 the bottom begins, the bottom ended in November. 4 cities that investigate a choice this are interpreter manpower resource the city with relatively frequent activity of relatively rich, interpreter. As we have learned, 3 foreign languages that Beijing, Shanghai, Wuhan is in China to appoint at present for U.N. Educational translate talent supply town. Guangzhou regards China as the southern window that open to the outside world, interpreter activity is frequent, reason also is in this statistic limits. Arrange through investigation, record 181 translations firm in all, among them Beijing 101, shanghai 38, wuhan 7, guangzhou 35.
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