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The whole world translates kind of software market quick dilate
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Translation software vendibility already exceeded 30 billion dollar according to estimation 2005, and the market of Chinese translation software that after joining WTO, increases at high speed, presented a mainland market to be mixed by PowerWord series product all the time in the past the world of dichotomy of Oriental net interpret, area of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan is Dr.eye interpret allusion is connected exclusive the condition that boils a head.

A few days ago, in application of business affairs of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan all the time quite allusion of reputable reputable interpret is connected, after afterwards took the lead in lifting agitation of free try out in domestic college 2005, 2006 beginning, its are carried again brand-new interpret allusion connects correcting product Dr.eye 7 concentration are pushed to the market, provide free download application, 3 wild phase are contended for, the pattern of live in peace with each other of market of mainland translation software will be broken thoroughly probably.

What communicate as business affairs is frequent, of business affairs application software current more extensive, pure PowerWord function cannot satisfy requirement apparently, the demand that the user makes the high-end function such as page interpreter to full text interpreter, documentation interpreter, webpage is increasingly dear. The choice marchs in this opportunity blow the bugle of mainland market, interpret allusion opens the is not acumen only strategy eye that depend on, still have its brand-new interpret allusion connects product Dr.eye the outstanding exercise to benefit the internal organs of 7.

Compare with the look of translation software manufacturer that mainstream place takes on mainland market at present, interpret allusion is connected in the whole world in the application of main Chinese area, the rich international business affairs that had accumulated 10 one's remaining years and foreign trade foreign language use experience, the affirmation of personage of business affairs of area of times mesa sufferring harbor, in business affairs application the domain is having incomparable advantage. Dr.eye interpret allusion is connected 7 minutes of business affairs, major and learn to use edition 3 version, foreign trade of daily office, business affairs communicates its collect foreign language and English, Japanese learns function of 3 large principal part at a suit, in medium, flower, day can come true between 3 kinds of languages convenient changeover, fit the individual character requirement in internationalization business affairs more; And its essence is accurate flower, Japanese and interpreter of traditional full text and powerful webpage interpreter function, criterion huge went to the lavatory the user is browsed flower, Japanese website. It still offers 17 trades business of nearly 500 kinds of English uses epistolary model for painting, illustrative sentence, it is business affairs communicates indispensable good assistant. It still can is opposite the business affairs documentation of much file format undertakes instant interpreter, support documentation of of all kinds Office and PDF file, edition of its business affairs, professional edition is more brand-new collect dictionary of major of the computer, law, offer more professional English spouse for professional personage. Study functional aspect, its are embedded the rich lexicon of more than 1 million, fixed and online newer lexicon and class, use TTS speech technology at the same time, can hear sterling flower, Japanese pronunciation. Banner business affairs function cooperates the study function of aggrandizement, dr.eye interpret allusion is connected of 7 had had the capacity that lets reshuffle of market of mainland translation software without doubt.
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