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Classics abb head unit earths up translate a case reference: Small interpreter d
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Origin: Zhang Tiankuo of reporter of report of 21 centuries economy
The beginning of the year, classics abb is achieved cast the first sheet that will enter Chinese hind to invest -- 15 million U.S. dollor, gave one is called yuan of company that cultivates an interpreter. Although the other side is carrying Olympic Games language on the head to serve the aureola of the provider, such investment still posed a few question. Its focus depends on: In be in interpreter industry personally, yuan the investment that whether has enough growing space to sign up for this not to poor back and forth to earth up?
Change character, it is in the interpreter industry with business relatively simple mode, "Large trade small company " pattern whether change? Be in accepted " bush is unripe " in the region, whether does education go beyond its kind, unplug of its pure " arboreal " come?
Hold water 5 years, 2007 year income 70 million RMB, year increase rate is amounted to of 600% yuan earth up reach its to steer a boat of person Jiang Xiaolin " expand " attempt, may become this kind of interrogative the case is referenced.
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"The competitor of this industry is real too weak, resembling is a flock of children of 78 years old fight, a child of 10 years old comes in, although not tall also, but still hit won. " Jiang Xiaolin to yuan earth up the evaluation that wins out in the first phase, modesty and conceited be mingled with among them.
Kids fights, it is Jiang Xiaolin is generalized to what China translated the market 2000. 2000, the Department of Chinese Language and Literature graduates, had become a teacher, change from Hunan hair finally appoint the Jiang Xiaolin of abdication go into business comes to Beijing, begin to seek a line of business that fits oneself to do poineering work. That meeting, he " without technical specialty, do not think again teach, the silver that does poineering work in the pocket is finite " , in look for, he begins to translate this industry alertly.
Understand according to him, there has been thousands of company that pursues this one business in the whole nation, can come down alive, still can make money every year, but translation firm basically is the resource that has interpreter of a few part-time jobs first, redo sale, seek a client, global scope is lesser, and grow slow. From this, jiang Xiaolin reached the most intuitionistic judgement: This is a very split big market, and the doorsill is inferior. Information age asks to what knowledge changes quickly between two kinds of languages each other, meet an interpreter bring greater opportunity. Low doorsill and good prospect, made Jiang Xiaolin enter this each oneself " without any congenital advantages " industry.
In fact, before Jiang Xiaolin, also the way that somebody realizes to interpreter industry was not changed with the enterprise provides a service. In January 2004, join company of big inscription peaceful " Oriental interpreter factory " (later development abbreviation: Oriental) do poineering work in Hong Kong board hang out his shingle formally, financing forehead restrains 31 million HK dollar, become China the first " interpreter concept " . The means of settlement that accepts eastward, rely on Internet to build big platform to offer both sides of supply and demand namely, those who do is the business of electronic business affairs actually. But because do not have a very mature flow and quality hierarchy of control, "Interpreter factory " mode, did not succeed finally. But, in this industry, dimensions is changed and the importance of control force already saw one spot first.
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