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Translate the development course of the market and problem
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The formation of market of service of our country interpreter and development experienced the process of an advance gradually. Before reforming and opening, because suffer the place of international home environment at that time to be restricted, national development executes a kind of mode that plans highly, made unified plan to translating the job, have the arrangement that plan as a whole. Special orgnaization and branch were established to undertake grooming to concerning interpreter personnel with various government in the center of, assume the interpreter job of country and government sector. This kind of mode is for at that time had positive result really to the interpreter career of prosperous our country: The personnel number that is engaged in translating the job increases substantially, the field that the interpreter involves is more extensive, interpreter quality got rising. But, this kind of reality caused two consequence however: Above all, the interpreter staff that joins with major is government organization of major leech on to, enterprise or business in unit, institution of higher learing and research organization, translate depart of the independence in the activity lesser to come out from what assume severally, in the effect that dimensions cannot form to change in dispersing. Next, the interpreter made the conduct of a kind of personification greatly. Translate what personnel is working only to carry on external a few interpreters serve the task, lack is open gender and can compare a gender. Can say, interpreter service did not serve as a special action at that time self-existent with development, the occurrence that causes interpreter service to regard a kind of commerce as behavior has certain lag sex.
Since reforming and opening, expand as what China makes past activity external, interpreter activity also subsequently grow in quantity, present the diversity with a complex numerous and complicated, chinese interpreter served the market to welcome the chance of development. On one hand, each mechanism, concerned company mixes the government scientific research orgnaization, and the transducer form that relevant unit interior creates still is continueing to run, besides the working task inside the concerned interpreter job that they assign besides the country that finish or portion, often can receive the interpreter outside to work with the name of collective or individual. Through a few years accumulate, these orgnaizations fostered a batch of full-time to translate personnel, in the process of social transition, they are the core force in Chinese interpreter practitioner. Additional, face the change of social demand circumstance, these orgnaizations or the interpreter company that early or late ground established to face a society to serve, one of becoming China to translate a service to the form is changed and translate the market to form fundamental strength. On the other hand, spread out in the round as what open to the outside world and commercialize and further development, translate demand photograph echo with what increase increasingly, a few it is with the society purely rely on, the translation firm emerge as the times require that faces the market. Since 90 time, interpreter domain appeared to translate service company professionally in great quantities. In the management that the enterprise is changed and specializations mode falls, orgnaization of a few interpreters broke away from what depend on so gradually " the mother's body " , preliminary development becomes the independent company that has certain and professional aptitude, accumulated certain experience. These " rely on a society closely, face the market " interpreter service company runs way with what commercialize, polymerization and trained a batch of major to translate personnel, make former " depend on model " the interpreter lives mode arose to become loose with the change, serve the market for domestic interpreter interpreter form and independent development laid a foundation. According to not complete count, arrived 1982 before 1998, the business that the name with center of translation firm, interpreter or interpreter company registers Beijing does not cross 109, and up to 800 above had been achieved by 2005. Look from countrywide limits, those who translate a company establish had pervaded provincial town, develop the area class of the area prefectural class city also established or translate a company many times even, resemble Shenyang this kind of provincial town, approval of classics country concerned branch, cognizance professional translation firm is close already 20.
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