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Search skill
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1.Use logic word is assisted search
Bigger search engine supports use logic word to undertake more complex search is limitted, have commonly usedly: AND(and) , OR(or) , NOT(is denied, it is AND NOT) and NEAR(a little of two words approach level) , appropriate application they can make a result very accurate, additional, also can use bracket to will search a word to be combined respectively, if be in Http://www.liszt.con (Liszt) : ((Music Or Jazz) And Edu) Not ("bill Morrissey" Or Indiana) .

2.Use double quote to undertake search accurately
If search, is a phrase or many Chinese characters, best method uses them double quote draw together namely, the result that such getting is the least, most accurate. The Search(that searching engine for example inquires) "search Engine" of the input in casing, this meeting gets fewer, better result than inputting Search Engine. If press afore-mentioned methods not to check any results, can take out double quote tries.

3.Use add minus sign demarcate is searched
Engine of a lot of searches supports the coronal before searching a word with plus () the vocabulary that demarcate must include in search result, with minus sign (- ) the vocabulary that demarcate search cannot include as a result.

4.Specific aim ground chooses a search engine
With different search engine undertakes inquiring gotten result often has very big difference, because their design purpose and development trend existence wear a lot of differring,this is, for instance: DEjanews(Http://www.dejanews.com) is special the search engine at USENET, and Liszt(Http://www.liszt.com) is the search engine that waits in the light of post list, IRC.

5.Stepwise refinement law
According to the classification that searchs engine an one layer place is attacked go down, this not quite affirmatory to a few key word data inquiry is very effective. Yahoo arranges all sorts of data classify on the net, share very fine, have recreational with motion, recreation, health and medicine, art and humanitarian wait for a lot of categories, and the cent after each kinds big link is entered becomes a lot of group, an one layer ground enters a link, classification is finer and finer also, the end that leaves you is closer and closer also. Because be link form, use so rise to go to the lavatory again simple, need not I said more.

6.According to the requirement the choice inquires a method
If need to find a few dependency to compare big news quickly, can use what catalog type searchs engine to search a function, if use Yahoo(Http://www.yahoo.com) . If conceivable some respect compares resource information of the system, can use list one class ground has one class search. If want the information that seek to compare an unexpected winner, should all alone with bigger full text search engine is searched, be like Altavista(Http://www.altavista.digital.com/ ) or Hotbot(Http://www.hotbot.com/ ) .
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