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New generation is online dictionary " have huge dictionary " evaluation
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Back the network dictionary of millions upon millions netizen, the attempt has huge dictionary feel
[IT168 software evaluation]
Zhou Wu sees a movie of channel " love guesses the film " , aeriform medium of compere Wei Jia " flicker " way, the heart fell to generate infinite interest to cinematics. Idle comes search search the English paraphrase of a few films, do not become aware big be astonished: "Film " Xiang Yu the Conqueror fastens female singer " and " Dong Xie on the west poison " , corresponding is " Farewell My Concubine " (adieu, my concubine) , " Ashes Of Time " (of time cindery) " , plainting international friend wisdom while, can't help beating pectoral disease to breathe out: "I wait for millions upon millions netizen, earnestly needs the network dictionary of science of a paraphrase! "

Of deep feeling, appeal at learning English " hair is small " , her conveniently gave a link Http://www.yodao.com, saying is the huge dictionary that Netease pushs newly, let go in have a try. Regard an act reason as honest and kind person, in try out after period of time, feel the result is right still, because this writes an use hand to write down casually, let do not have those who had used to have a perceptual knowledge, also be benefit people!

·Huge dictionary -- Let It Be -- arrange its nature

These days, the little girl that lives together meets person: "Let It Be, let It Be... " groan, what meaning? Put it into the search circle that has huge dictionary, the instant appeared: "Arrange its natural, go by it, such, 3 kinds of paraphrase and the 6 language areas that match related the group and illustrative sentence, have fun at if continueing to explore, click among them random explains the relevant webpage below, with respect to the origin source that can get this kind of explanation. In little girl mouth " Let It Be " be famous of course wrap around head person that dish of special " arrange its nature " ! "

See satisfactory result, input one film name at once " disappear not to come loose " , " Until You Are Here " , " Be There Or Be Square " , look former still rely on chart; The popular vocabulary of Internet " extremely admire " , " bearing problem " it is Orz, RPWT so; Knock 80 hind the sousaphone of celebrity parvenu, had thought even brief introduction for you, what Teenage Writer- Hanhan (Han Han) , Majoy CEO-Maokankan (Mao Kan Kan) , this can go to the lavatory foreigner; Eliminate these, this dictionary also can be encircled to the reaction ability of cookbook can nod, the piscine sweet shredded meat that often eats, palace keeps gallinaceous man, old even Beijing is fastfood, can search must come out.

Say honest, this dictionary is successive actually everybody's wisdom chooses for you next, because always can find proper language place, true still a little " arrange its nature " meaning!

·Desktop dictionary -- Step By Step -- successive
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