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See a movie learn English
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1. When Was It Made And By Which Movie Studio?

2. What Is The Movie About?

4. When And Where Was The Movie Set?

5. What Is The Genre Of The Movie? (Romance, adventure, action, science Fiction, drama, thriller, western, horror, costumes, musical, comedy, etc. Etc..

6. Who Are The Main Characters?

7. What Is The Plot?

8. How Does The Movie End?

9. What Impressed Or Touched You Most?

10. Do You Like The Theme Or The Music?

11. Who Stars In The Movie?

12. Who Is Your Favorite Actor Or Actress In The Movie?

13. What Did You Learn From The Movie?

14. What Do You Think Of The Camera Work?

15. What Do You Dislike About The Movie?

As long as diligent exercise, false with time, you can be mixed the friend inscribes speak out freely with respect to the word of the film. Can talk about the film, so can you see a movie certainly? Actually otherwise, see a movie learn the way to do sth inside English to have a lot of.

Chinese of caption of film of the DVD on market translates the mistake that has 20% at least, much likelihood achieves 40% above, they are met very affect your understanding to the film severely. Once had so a film: Hero of male and female talked the love of half an year, a day night, call maly to saying femaly, "We marry " , female audition say later, "Are You Kidding? ", say maly, "No, I Am Serious! "Say femaly, "Good then we marry " . And is the caption of this film how translate? Phone maly say femaly, "We marry " , female audition say later, "Are you base fourth gentleman? ", say maly, "Not, I am Si Rui and this gentleman! "Say femaly, "Good then we marry " . Most bloodcurdling is this interpreter from also can justify oneself unexpectedly apparently.

Since caption translates the good and bad are intermingled, you must insist to see 2-3 all over those who do not have caption first, download the play of this film again next, cross the play (the Script of + of blank space of English name + that you can use the film to Google undertakes searching, download) with respect to what can find this play character. Make the play first calm (such word is read do not have a problem) , look to have English subtitle again next, assuring to look at caption to understand do not have a problem. See those who do not have caption again from the beginning next, if if can be understood completely such coming down, audition is to do not have a problem. The edge sees an edge follow below read, imitate each word of all sorts of characters, resembling you is a dub actor, should accomplish lifelike. Wait for you to accomplish this step, colloquial problem also was solved.
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