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Main function of Babylon Pro of puissant translation software fast see
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The interpreter function of Babylon

Babylon-Pro is one comes from the strong literal interpreter at Israel and information changeover tool, can provide the information about any vocabularies that you click on the net or numerical value instantly. Need only gently a bit mouse, the explanation of English word and usage, information appears completely related its before you. Besides translating a function, babylon still included the function such as monetary changeover, time zone changeover. Software is used convenient, the interface is friendly, it is to get online the first selection tool of the friends that learn a foreign language.

Software name: Babylon-Pro
Version information: 7
Software size: 5.10MB
Software language: Chinese

1, dictionary and interpreter

Babylon is a function powerful interpreter and referenced tool. It is used very easily, apply in any desktops, browser of Excel, Word, PowerPoint Email, network, instant communication is waited a moment, need to click any text only, OK and instant online and consult from the line dictionary and the encyclopedia that cover extensive subject matter and topic.

The result that Babylon software provides is the interpreter source that comes from 1300 dictionaries and more than 75 kinds of languages. Babylon includes 33 of 17 kinds of languages professional dictionaries that update ceaselessly. These 17 kinds of languages have his language group: Article of English, French, heart, Spain article, Italy article, Portuguese article, Japanese, Jewish saying, Chinese (traditional) , Chinese (simplified) , Holand article, Russian, Han Wen, Turkey article, Arabic, Greek and Swedish article.

At present software also can undertake the each other interpret of any languages. Babylon 7 can identify automatically the language that you are used and needs, provide the language result that you need. Chinese the interpreter is heart article, swedish article arrives Italian article, japanese arrives Turkey article, still have other more.

Main function of BabylonPro of puissant translation software fast see

2, full text interpreter

Babylon offerred interpret of each other of full text of 17 kinds of languages, and all these needs to click a mouse to be able to be finished only. Text interpreter did not resemble passing so simply. Do not need completely to open another window to perhaps undertake duplicating / stickup. Need to use your not clear in any "Babylon Click" text word only, babylon can be passed identify whole paragraph automatically, the literal interpreter that needs you comes over. Although machine translation cannot of 100% interpreter resembling a person accurate in that way, what translate with the person even is same. This characteristic was made up for by advanced text interpreter technology, it can help you understand those your not clear text languages. Babylon text translates a tool to be able to use the language below: Article of article of article of English, French, heart, Spain article, Italy article, Portuguese article, Japanese, Judaic article, Chinese, Holand, Russian, Han Wen, Turkey article, Arabic, Persia, Poland and Wukelanwen.
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