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Law of interpret of Chinese menu English comes on stage
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Be " cook red leonine head " (Red Burned Lion Head) or " stew rotted flesh bolus with soy " (Braised Pork Balls In Soy Sauce) ? -- this dish is Chinese familiar to the ear can of detailed " large meatball of braise in soy sauce " . During the Olympic Games, is the foreigner willing to which name see on the Chinese meal menu of restaurant more?

This Zhou Yiben " law of interpret of Chinese menu English " come on stage cause comment in succession. Someone says to unite normative dish name to translate is the mark that urban image promotes during the Olympic Games, also someone says the culture characteristic of Chinese food is broken up to do not have in such interpreter.

This is combined by office of Beijing external affairs and Beijing travel bureau made up written brochure to give out a variety of China's common 2000 dish are tasted, the interpreter of formal English name of name of staple food, fastfood, desert, the hotel of class of Beijing all star that wants next give extending that include governments of all 119 Olympic Gameses to decide a dot to recieve restaurant inside before the Olympic Games and dining-room.

Deputy director general of Beijing travel bureau rebukes Yu Mei emphasizes, this booklet is the interpret way that offers to the society is recommended, do not have mandatory.

The foreign tourist that a lot of to China coming ever was for a time how " broken interpret " such as " the duck of maigre creed " (k of c of u of d of   of n of a of i of r of a of t of e of v e g , namely element duck) and " the lobar section of the husband and wife " (e of f of i of w of   of d of n of a of   of d of n of a of b of h u s ' e of c of i of l of s of   of g of n of u of l of s   s , namely lung of husband and wife piece) this kind dish name and the injury shows head. In this manual, the translated term of these two dish is respectively " dry bean curd " (u of f of o of T of   of d of e of d r i ) with " the beef in chili sauce mixes bubble the ox is splanchnic " (x of o of   of d of n of a of   of f of b e e .

Although included the translation of name of dish of great majority China, but the dispute is bigger spring chicken before manual is evasive (often be by interpret " the   of n of e of k of c of i of gallinaceous c h that does not have sexual life e of f of i of l of   of l of a of u of x of e of s of   of t of u of o of h of w i t " ) this.

But somebody thinks, too too straight the name translates white dish to reveal the culture with Chinese food peculiar place to inside information without body.
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