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1, A Rat In Your Pocket
It is "Employee Appreciation Week" this week, it is the activity that a kind of employer shows gratitude show solicitude for to employee. The boss comes in ask Diana and I have what idea. It is OK that Diana says little job a day, this week works 4 days only. I assentation then say: "Yes, we can open a Party that day. "The boss asks: "How open a way? "I remember then see other company employee sings dancing activity, say: "We Can Karaoke Or Go Dancing. "We Can Karaoke Or Go Dancing.. Hold a memorial ceremony for of  of  ┮ anxiety says to edge of Bian Xiao of Iana making fun of 珼: "You Must Have A Rat In Your Pocket. "You Must Have A Rat In Your Pocket..
My heart thinks what Rat, mice runs in my pocket, that is too terrible also. They see my appearance that one face indissolubles bursts out laughing again. Still be the boss comes rescue sb from a siege. So I used "we" this word, and they also won't not wish to dance. The meaning below character, this my "we" besides me, there still is a rat in the pocket that is me probably.
The myself after listening wants to laugh. Did not think of American likes to use "rat"(mouse so) this word. From "like A Drowned Rat " (so wet that resemble soaked through) to "a Rat In A Hole" (trapped) , get a when when this "rat" gets angry to err thing, use simple "Rats from my pocket! ", arrive again describe a person's too bad "dirty Rat" , it is Lin Lin really always, to sum up in a word.
2, All Thumbs
Body of Fu of neighbour Smith an old fellow like me is very healthy, energy is abundant also, what Dan Ji blames is before, hind the working old gentleman of garden never is had a hand in, by old lady keep everything in one's own hands. One day happens I and old lady are the same as after garden fence clears away curtilage severally, I am thinking what be hard to export doubts and suspicions puts forward, the old lady says actively however: "My Husband Is All Thumbs When He Comes To Gardening. "My Husband Is All Thumbs When He Comes To Gardening..
Hahaha! My within an inch of cannot help laughing rise, all Thumbs is appearance works ham-handed, say him husband has 10 thumb, really figure humorous. I come home rapidly yock.
3, Baby Kisser
A day, the dead correct Sally of Belle comes to our office negotiate public affairs, see Sally enthusiasm only greet sb with each colleagues. Belle distains cast aside twitch one's mouth, muttered: "She Is Such A Baby Kisser! "She Is Such A Baby Kisser!!
"Is the person that loves close Baby good person? "I am feeling puzzled.
The colleague gives my explanation to say later, when American politician is entering into an election contest to strive for vote, no matter be open-armed,still be argumentative, like to kiss constituency to conceive medium baby in communal circumstance, performance is relative civilian figure will please the people, be called so "Baby Kisser" . Say simply, "Baby Kisser" shows those love applepolish namely, the person of hypocritically.
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